YouTube CPM: The Best Way To Get More Views

Do you want to increase your YouTube CPM? Are you looking for video types that you can create to boost your YouTube numbers? Here is a guide on the various types of YouTube content and how each of them can help you.

Today, YouTube is the top social media site among US adults. 73 percent of adults in the US use YouTube. It’s only wise to adapt and create a channel on the platform where people are spending their time on.

That is why many people and businesses are building a presence on YouTube. Other than to boost brand presence, you can also earn money by when you’re a successful YouTuber. Below, we’ve got a list of types of videos that give you the biggest opportunity to succeed on YouTube. 

1. Increase Your YouTube CPM With Product Reviews

Because we live in the information age, it’s only wise to use it to your advantage. Many consumers like to check online reviews and testimonials before they buy a product. It’s why review videos are some of the most-viewed content types online.

Try to understand behavioral targeting and what products people like to learn about. You can grow your YouTube earnings when you create videos focused on product reviews. Plus, you attract brands that are looking for influencers to market their products.

The products don’t always need to be about tech or gadgets. You can also create videos on commodities and niche products. As a tip, remember to focus on aspects consumers want to know about.

Talk about product features, size or comfort, performance, and uses. You may also want to give some insight into the material or components of the product. Many people also like to know about the ordering and delivery of brands that ship out their products.

2. Vlogs

The modern internet celebrity likely found fame by vlogging. However, not all vloggers grow into celebrities or make the tabloid front-pages. Sometimes, you’ll only find increased YouTube CPM and a solid following. That is more than enough for some people.

A vlog is the shortened term for a video blog. In essence, it is the same thing as creating a diary entry in video format. The catch is that you broadcast it to the public rather than keep it private.

Because you’re putting it up online, you’re also making sure that your vlog is engaging and interesting. One key component of becoming a successful vlogger is to remain relatable. This is how channels like danisnotonfire and RomatAtwoodVlogs founded their success.

The vlog is one of the more unique video types because it can be about anything that happens in your life. You can try sports tricks like Dude Perfect or give job advice like HolaSoyGerman. Some use the word vlogger as an umbrella term for a person who creates different types of videos.

3. Tutorials and How-To Guides

Most of the popular content you’ll find on YouTube will be guides or instructional videos. You’ll find them in most of the niches. Be it for makeup, making DIY tables, or solving the Rubik’s cube, there will be a how-to guide for it.

Tutorials and how-to videos are popular because they can cover any topic. Some YouTube creators can sometimes explain an idea better than a traditional teacher. Thus, viewers enjoy learning from these more than in a classroom setting.

Also, everyone has the opportunity to create a guide. As long as you’re good or skilled at something, you can use it in a video tutorial.

When you create an online how-to video, you often cater to people with audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles. Another advantage is that the learner can keep rewinding it until he nails the skill. Using trendy media formats often comes last after the content quality and educational value.

4. Video Game Walkthroughs or Gameplay Montage Videos

A lot of people can’t afford a gaming console or video games. Thus, they turn to YouTube where they can watch gameplay videos of the games they’d like to play. Others don’t have the time to play full games and only want to see the key scenes in video games.

Out of all the YouTube categories, YouTube Gaming is one that grew to new heights in recent years. The top gaming channels of 2020 include Markiplier, Fernanfloo, and VEGETTA777. An iconic game content creator is Pewdiepie, but nowadays he diversifies his content with music videos, prank content, and more.

Today, a lot of people have a gaming channel and use a variety of streaming platforms. You’ll notice that many game streamers also use Twitch or other live-streaming sites. This is to make sure they can increase traffic with SEO from the various platforms and drive down those costly YouTube CPM costs!

5. Unboxing Videos

Many people remember the joy of unwrapping gifts during Christmas morning. Online creators sought to give viewers the same joy and anticipation on YouTube. Thus, unboxing videos came to be.

This is where 2019’s highest-earning YouTube star, Ryan Kaji, found fame and earned $26 million. It began with the eight-year-old YouTuber unboxing, then playing with the toys his parents get for him. Today, he gets sponsorships and influencer marketing offers from toy companies and more.

Your unboxing videos don’t need to be about toys. Often, they feature electronic or high-tech consumer products like the latest smartphone. Often, these videos also become a hybrid of unboxing and review videos.

Influencer marketing is a key aspect of unboxing channels. When you film unboxing videos, brands may reach out to you to advertise their products. That’s how channels like Unbox Therapy, Tech Unboxing, and Marques Brownlee earn. When more people engage with your videos or even videos that you’re clearly advertising with… you’ll notice that your YouTube CPM rate may increase but the conversions will as well.

6. Videos on Favorites and Best of

You may remember the Top 10 lists and articles coming from Buzzfeed. You can do the same thing in video format. Most beauty and fashion creators find success in this type of video.

Best of videos with children’s content also gain a lot of popularity. Videos that featured children under the age of 13 drew over three times as many viewers as other types of videos. Regardless of the target audience, you’ll find that a lot of views will find these videos.

However, there are stakes of putting your child’s online for the world to see. Pedophiles are an issue you cannot ignore or avoid. Make sure you give your child the proper guidance and limitations on social media use.

7. Educational Videos

First, let’s define how these are different from how-to and tutorial videos. There is a key difference between educational and how-to videos. Educational videos are interesting and thought-provoking for their target audiences.

Educational videos can go a long way. They often get repeat yearly visits because new audiences need their content. Imagine teaching the hacks to multiplication or more memorable mnemonics for biology.

Another thing that makes an educational video unique from a tutorial is that it can show how items get made. For example, michaelcthulhu’s channel is full of videos on how to craft video game weapons. Most people watch it to see how one can forge such weapons, but few have the equipment or skill to follow it.

You can cover everything on these videos from abstract concepts to learning fundamentals. As a note, this type of video only loses its educational value when its topics go out-of-date. Popular examples of educational videos are from Tedx Talks and eDewcate. 

8. Funny Animal Videos

Do you have a well-trained and quirky pet at home? Do you often work with or rescue animals in your neighborhood? Do you often see animals visit your backyard and become familiar with you?

The internet loves animals, especially funny ones. It’s why some of the best memes revolve around animals, like the grumpy cat. The public’s interest and curiosity toward amusing animal behavior are never-ending.

You can even increase your views if your pet is cute or adorable and not only funny. Yet, a lot of people may say that every animal is adorable to some degree.

Of all the video categories, this is quite easy to do at home. All it takes is to have proper timing. Since some pets aren’t always doing funny shenanigans, you’ll also need a lot of patience to catch them in the act.

9. Comedy and Sketch Videos

Do you have an interest in creating sketches or hilarious content? If you like to keep viewers amused, one of the best things you can do is to create comedy videos. If done well, your videos may go viral and make its way to other social media sites.

Some successful comedy YouTube channels include College Humor and Key and Peele. If you notice, most of these videos have high-quality production. You don’t always need to have good equipment or setups to find success in your humor videos.

Another great example is Ryan Higa’s YouTube channel, nigahiga, in its early years. Granted, twelve to thirteen years ago, our humor was of a different breed. His channel had a humble beginning and later grew with 21.5 million subscribers.

Remember, it’s the joke that counts, not the production quality. Having the right viewers will help you control your YouTube CPM rates!

A secret to these humor channels is to find an answer to what-if questions. Another thing you’ll notice is that they often portray exaggerated realism. For example, many of College Humor’s skits occur in the office setup and revolve around co-workers.

10. Haul and Shopping Spree Videos

Women like to watch other women go shopping and try on their haul. They like to imagine themselves buying and trying on clothes. You’d get to show off what you bought and engage users via giveaways. It’s like how some people find pleasure in watching others play and finish video games.

You’ll find many of these videos in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories. This type of video content is also likely to attract brands who want to use influencer marketing. This is useful for people who also have startup businesses in similar industries.

You get to display your products as well as products from other brands. In a sense, this can also bleed into a review video. Most haul videos only give a short segment for the pros and cons of a product since they have a lot of items to get through.

As a note, haul videos often target a specific audience. Thus, you need to make sure you know what they want and enjoy if you produce haul videos. You can also hire a specialist to help you throughout your marketing journey. Go Florida SEO can help you drive down your YouTube CPM rates, while driving up your conversions!

11. Music Videos

Instead of going on MTV, singers and bands often upload their music videos on YouTube. Because it’s the most accessible way to watch them, those videos get a lot of clicks and views. It is the third-most-watched content genre on YouTube after Entertainment and Kids Entertainment.

Yet, you don’t need to be a singer or music producer to create a successful music video. You can be a comedian whose forte is musical parodies. You can be a skilled producer who’s more skilled in creating remixes and editing video mash-ups.

You may be a dancer who likes to film well-produced choreographies over popular songs. You may be very good at creating unique visuals and you often practice with lyric videos. Or stay simple and film yourself with your guitar, singing your song for your favorite fandom.

You can even create a channel like JT Machinima and create rap songs that revolve around video games. Modern music videos don’t need to come from traditional music artists. Don’t be afraid to upload your unique musical content. You never know when you might grow into fame like Justin Beiber, Greyson Chance, or Tori Kelly.

Find Success as a Video Content Creator

That ends our guide on the types of videos that can increase views, YouTube CPM, and earnings. Video content is one of the most-consumed if not the number one content type online. Be it for marketing, education, or entertainment, video content opens a door to success.

We hope that this list of video types helps you find your content creation style. As a tip, remember that your videos won’t go viral in the first months. Be patient and committed, and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Do you want to learn more about how to create content for your target audience? Check out our other guides on our blog page for more informative guides like this one. If you have inquiries about digital marketing, ask us here.

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