Why to go Programmatic before 2020

Why to go Programmatic before 2020

We know you’ve heard the buzz word ‘programmatic advertising’ and it’s amazing ability to make ad buying and ad targeting way more efficient. Programmatic advertising has been improving the way businesses do online marketing since 2014 when Microsoft first started testing it out.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the process of automating ad buying and selling of ad space and inventory with machine learning. The word itself may sound intimidating but it’s truly doing some amazing things within the digital marketing world. Being able to finally leverage multiple networks in real-time will allow your business to get better results than ever before.

Why Go Programmatic at all?

Instead of focusing on just one area online like Facebook, your business now can leverage multiple different networks and sites to place ads. It’s like being able to shop at a mall vs. shopping at one store. Your business can now get better ad targeting and be more consistent placement due to the available networks within programmatic advertising.

Why go programmatic now vs. later?

We have January 2020 right around the corner and unless you have 20/20 vision you may wonder why you should jump into programmatic now. Going programmatic now for your ad buying will help you get more out of your ad dollars. See when you can consistently follow your customers around showing your specifically tailored ads and even CTV videos via programmatic advertising, you’ll get a jump start on those customers before the new year. Running mobile ads and video ads encouraging those online potentials to convert now rather than later, may be exactly what your business needs to hit the new year stronger than ever before!

Ads take time to be noticed and sometimes an online user can take upwards to 40-50 impressions per ad before they realize you’re targeting them. That’s the exact reason you should be running ads now, so you can open the new year with a bang. Most of your competitors will start their new campaigns for the year in January. Don’t get caught up following the same thing you probably do year after year. Start using programmatic advertising now to get ahead of what’s about come.

It’s super easy

Go Florida SEO will help you start a small test campaign with no contracts. You literally get take your current spend that you would normally do with display ads or videos and test it inside the programmatic world. We waive our management fees the first 3 months (normally 12% of the ad spend), so you can test out programmatic advertising the right way.

Why Go Programmatic with Go Florida SEO

With Go Florida SEO you can target people that are shopping your competitors, keyword searching specific things online, and even those living within very specific Geo’s. The key is to target your right online user and show very specific ads to them, to influence those online shoppers to shop you instead.

Programmatic advertising could open the door to more efficient ad buying and better targeting before 2020 even starts. With no management fees for 3 months you’ll get to test out programmatic targeting without any strings attached. Just simply take your current spend and try programmatic advertising with Go Florida SEO.

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