The Complete Guide to the Programmatic Media Buyer

Programmatic Media Buyer And Everything You Need To Know

The advertising world has changed a lot within this last past decade. The industry has drifted away from people like Don Draper from MadMen and now lean on programmatic media buyers to handle their company’s media spends. These unique individuals leverage digital dollars and optimization for digital performance to help businesses and agencies gain faster results. 

Programmatic Media BuyerThe Programmatic Media Buyer Handles It All.

What Is A Programmatic Media Buyer?


Programmatic media-buying is simply the automation of ad buying and selling or media placement. A programmatic media buyer is simply someone who handles the automation (programmatic advertising) of the ad placement buying, management, and optimization of that campaign. 

Programmatic advertising uses machine learning and machine automation to place ads at the right time, place, and to the right person with the best possible option. Having a programmatic media buyer can help your company or agency become more efficient within this digital world. 

Programmatic Media Buyer Guide


It’s estimated that 88% of the United States digital media buying will be done programmatically by 2021. Which means more businesses and agencies will be going programmatic than ever before. Having someone who can handle your programmatic media buying will be a great addition for your business.

What Is The Salary of a Programmatic Media Buyer?


Depending on where you’re located the salary for a programmatic media buyer can range drastically.  for example, in Florida average salary ranges between $55,000 and $63,000 a year. While locations like New York can average up words to $83,000 a year.

Depending on the size of your business and agency you may not want to jump and commit yourself to a salary without having businesses or digital funds wanting to go the programmatic route. Another great option is to consider hiring a programmatic contractor like Joey Lowery. He specifically handles programmatic advertising and does it on a contract basis. This may not only save you a lot of money but also time. Contractors aren’t usually cheap but can be a great asset in the beginning.

You’ll first want to make sure that you have the funds or clients to make programmatic advertising efficient and profitable. Hiring a company like Go Florida SEO can take the stress out of hiring a programmatic media buyer or looking into a consultant like Joey Lowery can also be another verified option. 

End of the day, sometimes it’s best to get a second opinion before committing yourself to a new employee. If you’d like a second opinion click here to contact us!


Where to find a Programmatic Media Jobs


There’s a number of places that you can find programmatic media buyer jobs if you’re reading this article for that reason.  looking into your advertising community job boards is always a great place to start. Other places may include sites like the following:


Where To Hire A Programmatic Media Buyer?


The sites listed above will provide some insight on where to hire a programmatic media buyer.  Looking for digital consultants in your area on Google, is another recommended place start. Hiring sites like Fiverr don’t tend to always be as reliable as other sites like TopTal.  The easiest place to start may even be by going to LinkedIn and seeing if you have anybody within your own community who can help.


Should I Hire A Programmatic Media Buyer?


Depending on how much time you have or how much money you’re willing to throw away, you may want to just do it yourself.  Even though programmatic media-buying can be a long and difficult learning curve, there are courses that can help.

Go Florida SEO offers a fully managed programmatic experience with no management fee. If you decide that you’d like to go programmatic with your ad spend and digital videos but don’t want to hire anyone… We can help you out! We just started doing digital radio as well. Check it out here


Programmatic Media Courses


We always like to start our recommendations with the cheapest and this time free resource, Google. Google actually has a free certification that will teach you the basics of running ads through their platform. Now though some may argue that it’s not truly programmatic, it’s still a great resource to start with. Other places that offer courses are sites like the following:

Depending on your skill level you may want to also look into your local university or community college for programs within programmatic media or digital media-buying. 


How To Get Started With Programmatic Advertising


 If you’re looking to get started with programmatic advertising Go Florida SEO can help. Our behavioral strategist will help you formulate a plan and strategy to drive your targeted audience to your website.  Programmatic advertising allows for the handling of big data and unique targeting points, which can allow your ad dollars to go further than ever before. 

We can help your business target around behaviors and data points like:

  • Online users shopping your competitor
  • Searching specific topics online
  • Living within a specific location or geo
  • People working for specific companies or have certain job titles
  • Buying specific products online
  • Receiving emails from specific domains

Whether you’d like to do handle programmatic yourself, hire a consultant, or bring on a programmatic media buyer you’ll be happy you did.

Check out our other articles on programmatic Advertising or learn more about Go Florida SEO by clicking here: About Us

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