The 411 On Mobile Ad Targeting

Dive deeper into the world of mobile ad targeting

Being able to target of influence our online audience has always been a key goal of any digital marketer. People have become  more accessible through mobile devices as the years have passed. Mobile ad targeting has entered a new height with its capability to bring people closer to the brands they love. 

After reading this article you’ll know the key details around these points of mobile ad targeting:

  • What is mobile ad targeting
  • How does ad targeting even work
  • Facebook mobile ads
  • AI based mobile ads
  • Programmatic mobile ad targeting
Mobile device targeting

The average person spends upwards to three hours on their phone everyday. It’s obvious why more brands and small businesses want to know how to place highly effective ads with mobile ad-targeting.

What is mobile ad targeting

Mobile ad-targeting is simply the targeting of individuals with the use of a mobile device. Device targeting allows for marketers to segment their audiences based on not only devices, but also other key targeting data points. Targeting could include data points like:

  • Location
  • Shopping behavior
  • Specific app usage
  • Certain website history
  • Basic demographic data points like age and gender

How does ad targeting work?

Advertisers have always been fighting for a way to place their advertisements with better efficiency and lower costs. The ability to leverage data contained either in cookies or collected by a first party, has allowed for this type of ad targeting to take place. Using specific data points advertisers can now leverage that data and place better targeted ads in hopes of influencing their online audience to convert.

The world has changed a lot since ad targeting has started and it’s a view on data collection is somewhat of a gray area. Issues around GDPR and user privacy has lately been at the top of that list. Click here to read more on GDPR.

Being able to target users who are similar to your current customers could be the exact strategy you need to implement at the start of 2020. Ad targeting even across platforms like YouTube can allow you to hyper focus your ads to gain better performance. Running ads to help create brand awareness or influence product sales has been a key strategy for many businesses and better data has allowed that to be a possibility.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Just like Google, Facebook allows for advertisers to run mobile ads throughout its platform. This may be a unique opportunity for you to leverage Facebook to drive better conversions for your business. Want to know more about Facebook ad targeting? Click here to learn more.

AI based mobile ads

It’s not as advanced as it sounds but AI based mobile ads is really just the use of data collection and using that data to predict a consumer’s behavior. AI technology is far from being anything relating to the movie Terminator, but rather more on the lines of guessing how consumers shop convert online.

With all the data that’s available artificial learning and intelligence has made the absorption of this data possible. Machine learning hasn’t completely removed the human element out of advertising but it has definitely made our jobs a lot easier. For example, machine learning may suggest or execute media buys during specific times of the day based on the data it’s collected over time. Something this simple can save a business a lot of money.

Programmatic Mobile Ad Targeting

Leveraging programmatic ad-buying across across mobile devices can take your ad strategies even further. Using machine automation to place ads and optimize toward the best conversion can help your mobile ads perform even better than before. Programmatic advertising  has helped many businesses and agencies become more efficient with their ad spends and strategies. Being able to go programmatic with your mobile ad-targeting will not only help you with ad performance, but also can save you money. 

Get Started Today

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