10 Questions to Ask Your Tampa SEO Company

Get to Know SEO: 10 Questions to Ask Your Tampa SEO Company

Considering hiring a Tampa SEO company to grow your business? Then you probably have some questions.

Florida SEO
Florida SEO

That’s completely fair—while search engine optimization is a wonderful way to drive organic traffic to your website, there’s a lot that goes into it.

Some digital marketing agencies make big promises about what they can deliver. Asking questions and gaining clarity about what their promising, and making sure that their service aligns with your goals is very worthwhile.

Here we’ll share with you 10 questions to ask your local SEO company in Tampa before signing on the dotted line. Let’s get started.

1. What’s Your Approach?

There are multiple ways SEO companies help you grow your search engine traffic. Knowing what type of services you’re hoping to pay for is essential for both parties when determining fit.

The three common types of SEO approaches are:

  • Upgrading Technical SEO
  • Upgrading user experience
  • Upgrading off-page SEO

The differences between these three services are stark and vary based on the type of business you run and how far along you are.

For example, technical SEO refers to optimizing web pages and blog articles on your site. This is generally done for an existing company with very little online presence or a startup just getting the ball rolling with their company.

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, typically builds on an already existing platform. By building links on other sites and strengthening your brand through other platforms, you can increase your popularity online.

Many local SEO companies in Tampa provide all of these services. But often, their “bread and butter,” so to speak, caters to one or two types of clients.

2. Which Brands Have You Already Worked With?

Ask for existing client portfolios and really do your due diligence here. Understanding the type of work that a Tampa SEO company has already done can help you determine if they’re a good fit for your business.

Some SEO companies work exclusively with certain types of businesses. For example, they might work with eCommerce websites or specialize in bringing brick and mortar stores into the mix online. 

Even thirty minutes of clicking through portfolios can tell you a lot about the companies you might work with.

3. Can You Provide Testimonials?

Along the same lines, be sure to ask your SEO company for client testimonials or referrals. Speaking to other companies is a great way to feel out a company and learn if they’re worth working with.

You might also make inquiries on your own. Going through their portfolio, you can reach out to businesses that they’ve worked with and ask.

However, it might be worth asking. If they say yes, you know that they’re at least experienced enough to have satisfied customers. If they say no, that might spell trouble. This might be all the information you need to make an informed decision.

4. What Type of Support Do You Offer?

Search engine optimization strategies evolve over time. For example, Google changed the game seemingly overnight in 2018. Many businesses generating thousands of page views per day were left out to dry because they weren’t meeting their standards.

Now, there are many common trends you should follow if you want Google to rank your pages higher.

All this to say, it’s worth asking what type of support the top SEO companies in Tampa can offer you. What costs are associated with upgrades or changes in the future? Is their pricing model built to reflect one-time work or ongoing improvements?

5. What Metrics Matter To You?

If you’ve ever used Google Analytics, you know that the sheer number of metrics available that speak to your website’s traffic is mindboggling. Search engine optimization is truly a wormhole. The further down it you go, the more metrics there are to understand.

Part of any good partnership with an SEO company is their ability to communicate clearly. You’re paying for results, but also to rid yourself of the chore of diving into the numbers (unless you want to).  

So when you’re doing research, be sure to ask companies questions like:

  • Which metrics do you track?
  • Which metrics, in your eyes, determine success?
  • How often can I expect to get reports?

This is also a valuable way to know what success looks like in their eyes. Clarifying this right off the bat helps both parties.

6. How Long Will It Take To Get Results?

Speaking of results, you probably want to know how long it will take to see them.

The best Tampa SEO companies will tell you that results generally take about 6 months to start rolling in. This number doesn’t perfectly reflect what you should expect, though. 6 months is the beginning, and you should see even better results at the 12 and 18-month mark.

SEO is a long-game. The beauty of it is that you only pay for it once and reap the rewards for years to come. But those rewards do take time.

In the interest of maintaining clear communication with your SEO company, be sure you know what their timeline looks like. If it doesn’t match with yours, perhaps another company will be closer.

7. How Do You Conduct Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy. Targeting local and longtail keywords help you get low but highly targeted traffic, while high-value words help tell Google and other search engines what your site is about.

There are hundreds of tools out there that conduct keyword research. Some are expensive and offer a dozen other functions that help grow websites. Others are cheap or even free, and you could easily learn how to use them in a few hours if you wanted to.

That’s why it’s important to understand any local SEO company in Tampa’s process. Knowing how they determine keywords gives you an idea of how experienced they are. And if their strategy seems solid—and like something you definitely couldn’t do yourself—then you might have a winner.

8. Do You Offer Video SEO Services?

Video is the way of the future when it comes to internet traffic. Amazingly, it’s estimated that more than 80 percent of content consumed in 2021 will be in the form of videos—meaning you might want to consider this as part of your online strategy.

It might also surprise you to learn that YouTube—not Yahoo or Bing—is the second largest search engine in the world. So when you put high-quality video content online that’s optimized, you stand to grow.

Whether you’ve got a video strategy in place or not, it doesn’t hurt to ask about it now. If you’re trying to move with the trends in 2021 and beyond, you might want an SEO company to help you reach your goals.

9. What Tools Do You Offer?

We touched on this one a little bit in #7. But it’s a good idea to know which tools are powering any local SEO company’s process.

Large digital marketing and SEO companies probably invest thousands each month into the tools and software they use to grow your business. Smaller service providers may be more affordable—but some of the inexperienced ones probably use many of the same tools you could use yourself.

Familiarizing yourself with popular SEO tools, like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMRush, could help you a lot. If you’re a small business, you might find out you could do many the work yourself.

10. What Do You Need From Us To Deliver?

Several questions alluded to this fact earlier. But getting a feel for how well you and your chosen Tampa SEO company will work together is always a good idea.

Taking some time to ask what they need from you shows that you’re invested in this process. It also helps you get the ball rolling on any work you need to do before they can start. In either case, your SEO strategy will be in place quicker by asking this question.

Hiring A Tampa SEO Company

Hiring the right Tampa SEO company can be a challenge. Doing some research and asking the right questions will really help you, but ultimately it comes down to a few things.

Without getting too far into the nitty-gritty, be sure to ask questions about their process. This will help you determine if what you’re paying for is worthwhile or if you could be doing a lot of this on your own for a fraction of the cost.

Be sure also to dive into their past work. Read testimonials and check out their portfolio. Make sure what they’ve done before fits with what you’re hoping to have done, too.

Schedule an SEO consultation with us today. You’ll get your first month of services free!

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