How to Find the Best Tampa Digital Marketing Agency

With digital marketing set to phase out traditional forms of marketing, the demand for digital marketing agencies has increased dramatically. While there’s no shortage of marketing agencies across the country, only a handful are worth spending your time and money on.

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Naturally, any company would want only the best digital marketing agency for their marketing campaigns, but finding one isn’t so easy. Even here in Tampa, finding the right Tampa digital marketing agency to do your takes a lot of time and effort.

If you’re serious about your digital marketing strategy, then the right agency could do wonders for your digital marketing campaigns, in this piece. We’ll give you some priceless tips to help you find the best digital marketing agency for your company. 

Establish What Your Company Needs From a Digital Marketing Agency

The marketing needs for every company, even those in the same niche, are unique. As such, you should align your search for a digital marketing agency to your company-specific needs. So the first step in finding the right agency is knowing what your company actually needs from the agency.

Now how can you tell what your company needs from a marketing agency? Here are a few guiding questions you should ask yourself to know what you need:

  1. What specific services do you need from the marketing agency?
  2. What does your digital marketing strategy aim to accomplish?
  3. How much do you plan on spending on your digital marketing?
  4. Do you prefer to work with a local agency or one that’s out-of-state?

These few questions will help you know what you need from a marketing agency, and which company suits you best. Remember, it’s okay, and sometimes a good idea to work with multiple agencies. However, working with multiple agencies could be very costly in the long run.

Once you’ve established firmly what you need from a digital marketing agency, you can move to the next step. Remember to take time when answering the above guiding questions and make sure each answer is deliberate and well-thought-out. 

Assess the Agency’s Experience and Talent

You want to hire an agency that’s experienced and well-versed in the various digital marketing strategies and techniques. To find the best marketing agency for your company, you have to look at much more than their experience. Apart from the agency’s experience in digital marketing, you should also have a look at the agency’s team.

Not to say that newly established digital agencies aren’t any good, it’s just that there’s a high chance you’ll find what you’re looking for in an experienced agency. Experience means much more than just when the company was established. It also means the number of companies the agency has worked with.

Ask to see the agency’s portfolio for a clear picture of their services and their experience. A company with lots of experience is likely to have a more competent team that will serve you. Experience is something you should never overlook when searching for the best digital marketing agency.

Look for an Agency With Great Customer Support

Few things are as frustrating as having to deal with undedicated or non- existent support staff, especially for your marketing. There’s no sure way to gauge the dedication or helpfulness of an agency’s support staff unless you hire them. However, you can check online reviews and testimonials, and you’ll find a lot of information about the agency’s customer support.

Digital marketing for your company is a very involving process and requires as much of your input as it does from the agency. As such, the agency should have uninhibited direct communication channels for effective communication. 

That way, the agency can update you constantly on any developments in your marketing campaigns, or any hitches you need to address. Effective communication also ensures you convey your vision to the agency so they can turn in into reality. You can also get comprehensive answers from the agency if you have any questions about the technical stuff.

Save yourself some frustration and settle for an agency with dedicated customer support. You will thank yourself for the decision after just a few months of working with the agency.

Service Versatility

Digital marketing is an extensive and diversified field, with plenty of strategies and techniques for attracting potential clients and customers. Look for a marketing agency that puts a broad array of digital marketing services at your disposal. That way, you can maximize every inch of digital space for your marketing endeavors. 

A lot of digital marketing services can handle SEO and online marketing quite comfortably, but maybe that’s not enough. An agency that has a robust social media marketing division will be invaluable for your social media strategy. Also, look for a company that’s great with analytics and performance monitoring, and content creation for an all-in-one digital marketing solution.

If you can find an agency that offers additional services like web design, or email marketing, then you’ve hit the jackpot. However, since marketing needs are unique with every company, just find one with digital marketing services that are useful to your company.

Reasonable Pricing

Most companies go wrong by settling on digital marketing agencies that offer their services for incredibly low prices. While it’s a good idea to settle for a company with competitive pricing, when the deal is too good, think twice. Remember, the company must make a profit, so when the price is unreasonably low, it means they’re skimping on something to make a profit with such low prices.

What you also don’t want to do is pay a lot of money for services that are not worth a fraction of their cost. You have to find a company that perfectly balances, cost of services with the quality of services for reasonable pricing

Above everything, the agency’s pricing should align with how much you have budgeted for digital marketing. Don’t be afraid to spend a little cash on digital marketing, because the return on investment makes every cent you spend worth it. Compare the prices across multiple marketing agencies to ensure you make the right decision.

Check on the Agency’s Promotion 

Apart from the agency’s pricing, you should also take note of how the agency promotes itself and how it displays its pricing. It’s not uncommon to find agencies that are very unclear about their pricing for various reasons. This works to the detriment of their clients who have to pay more than what they had initially agreed.

The best agencies are very transparent about their pricing and also offer multiple payment options for their clients.  Such companies give detailed quotes on their rates and also inform you of any extra costs if necessary. Be aware of agencies that insist on their “affordability” without delving into details about this affordability. 

Some companies will only share their upfront costs and later hit you with outrageous invoices for their services. Make sure the agency is clear about their pricing, and that you get value for your money.

Ask How the Company Gauges Clients’ Marketing Performance

The best marketing agencies have accurate and up-to-date methods to keep track of their clients’ marketing campaigns. That way, they can gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and make any changes if need be.  Most companies can track their client’s marketing performance using third-party tools or companies. 

These third-party tools and companies can track clients’ performance, but they don’t do so very well. That’s because most of these companies don’t develop these tools specifically for digital marketing agencies. Instead, they are developed for other uses, and then modified for these agencies.

A good marketing agency will have its own in-house software for tracking and gauging their marketing endeavors. That way, the software can track with metrics that apply to the agency’s needs. Plus, an agency with its own tracking software won’t need any outside help to use it.

An agency should also be able to accommodate new metrics for tracking marketing performance as per their clients’ needs. If an agency can give you ways to evaluate their marketing performance, then it makes it easier to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

How Is the Agency’s Marketing Strategy

To get an idea of how the marketing agency will serve your company, just look at how the agency markets itself on digital platforms. A great way to do so is to search for something random about digital marketing and check the agency’s position on the results page. If the agency ranks high on the SERPs, then you can have more confidence in them.

tampa digital marketing agency

The reasons why a specific company is not in the top ten could be because they don’t have a great SEO strategy, or they don’t target particular keywords in their online strategy. If they don’t do the mentioned for their own agency, you shouldn’t expect them to do the same for your company.

However, you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss a company that doesn’t too well on their own online marketing. Sometimes it’s because the agency might have more staff dedicated to serving clients and not the agency itself. So you might actually find an agency with a much more dedicated workforce that will serve you well.

Assess the Agency’s Growth

The agency’s growth is an indicator of how well it’s performing in the marketing industry, and by extension an indicator of their expertise. An agency that has seen rapid growth means it has served many clients who have referred them to other clients and hence their rapid growth. An agency with stunted growth may not be serving its clients very well.

The best way to know about an agency’s growth is by asking them about their growth or journey. A good agency will be glad to tell them about their journey as an agency, and where they stand in the very competitive marketing industry.  If an agency shows unwillingness or hesitation to answer the question, then they may have something to hide, something like their terrible performance.

So make a point of asking about the agency’s growth to know the type of people you’re dealing with. Also, don’t just take the agency’s word of mouth about its growth. Ask for solid evidence like graphs, or their portfolio, or testimonials from previous clients.

Look for Something Long Term

If you want to work with any digital marketing agency, make sure you are in it for the long term. That’s because marketing isn’t something that’s done overnight and you expect customers to stream in the next day. Proper marketing takes time, and it might take a while for your marketing endeavors to translate into solid results.

As such, when looking for a marketing agency, look for someone that you’d be comfortable establishing a long-term relationship with. It’s only through numerous consultative meetings and a firm understanding of your company that an agency can make your digital marketing take off. 

If you don’t plan on working with a marketing agency for a long time, then you should consider a different one. That’s why it’s so important for you to choose the best marketing agency for your company for the first time. 

Look at the Results the Agency Promises

It’s not uncommon for marketing agencies to promise incredible results in a very short time, but they rarely deliver on this promise. So when it comes to agency promises, if the results are too good to be true, then they’re probably not true. So if an agency is promising you over-the-top results, then you should probably ask how they intend to deliver on their promise.

Steer clear from any marketing agency that offers you bottom of the funnel results. There’s a very high chance these agencies won’t deliver on their promise.

You Deserve Only the Best Tampa Digital Marketing Agency

For the growth and success of your business, you should settle for the best Tampa digital marketing agency only. If you take our advice to heart, finding the best digital marketing agency for your company should be a piece of cake.

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