How SEO Can Impact Your Florida Business

How Social Media and SEO Can Impact Your Florida Business

You want to climb the social ladder. But so does everyone else. If you’ll want to rank 1st on Google then you’ll want to know how social media and SEO can impact your Florida business.

Florida SEO
Florida SEO

In the state of Florida alone, there are 2.5 million small businesses. 88 percent of employer businesses have fewer than 20 employees. Marketing is a competitive space, yet few companies have resources for big campaigns. 

Many businesses have social media. Many businesses also have an SEO and digital marketing strategy.

But very few businesses link the two together. They should. 

Promote your business today with the facts. Here is a quick guide on combining social media and SEO. 

SEO and Its Relationship With Social Media

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a system of strategies that companies use to appear high on search results. Each search engine has algorithms that determine how to rank websites for every keyword.

SEO is based on web design and written blog posts. Amongst other strategies, writers include keywords in their content. Web crawlers pick up on these keywords, raising the posts higher in search results. 

But crawlers don’t usually examine social media posts. Accounts may pop up in results, but these accounts have to be very popular. 

Yet social media content is important for several reasons. It distributes your content across more platforms. It also increases the lifespan of your posts, as people reshare the older content you created. 

This increases your brand exposure, encouraging people to click on your website and blog. The more people who do, the higher you will appear in search results. 

Social media can also assist your brand reputation. By providing information on your industry, you seem more knowledgeable about it. This encourages people to work with your company. 

You can also use your social media to show a little of your human side. By sharing photos and videos of your employees, you seem more relatable. This also drives people to your company. 

Social Media and SEO Strategy

The easiest thing you can do on social media is share your content. When you write a post, send out a link to it.

You can do the same on your blog post. Include a link to your social media accounts at the bottom. You can also attach links in the footer of each web page, allowing people to access them. 

But if you post your own content over and over, you will not attract an audience. You need to produce content exclusively for your social media accounts. 

The content you produce varies depending on the platform you’re on. Distinguish amongst them and adopt the best platform-specific practices

Facebook allows a wide range of content and interactions. Every business should have an active account. Make sure to keep your personal and business accounts separate from each other. 

Share unique content at least once per week. You can share the content of non-competitors once a week as well. Share a wide variety of content, including live streams and videos. 

Twitter encourages frequent yet short updates. A major facet of the platform is retweeting other peoples’ content. 

On your Twitter page, share content from non-competitors that relates to your industry. Infographics are helpful because they provide quick visual data. Respond to other users, including by tagging them in your tweets. 

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app. It is best for businesses that rely heavily on visuals, like flower shops. Instagram also relies on user interactions, including hashtags. 

Managers should provide a few posts every week. Try to provide multiple kinds of images. Photographs of finished projects and one-minute tutorials on services can be very helpful. 

Using Social Media for Local SEO

Local SEO focuses a business on its local market. Searches with “near me” have boomed over the last few years. Searches for “___ near me tonight” have grown by more than 900 percent from 2015 to 2017.

Incorporate “near me” into your location tags and photo captions. Include the names of neighboring cities in your text as well. People are willing to drive a distance if they believe a company is high-quality. 

Share the content of local businesses on your pages. Leave a comment on their content if it’s applicable to your business. 

Write at least one blog post about your area. You can feature a top-ten list for restaurants, or you can plug events at a community center. Then share that post on your social media accounts. 

Follow the pages for your local chamber of commerce. When you can, attend events and mixers that they host. Include links to your social media pages on your business cards and hand them out there. 

Sponsor or buy a table at a local event. Share photographs and videos of the event on your social media pages. This will make you seem attentive to your community, encouraging local shoppers.

You can still attract shoppers from outside your local community while focusing on locals. Combine localized content with comments on your nationwide industry. 

The important thing about local SEO is that you still follow SEO practice. You can incorporate as many locations into your content. If you don’t know how to write engaging content, it won’t matter. 

Social Media and SEO Integration

SEO is all about being seen. There’s no better way to get seen than to have social media accounts. 

Social media encourages people to check out your content, increasing your presence in search results. Produce unique content for each account, based on the style of each platform. 

Incorporate some local SEO strategy as well. Write blog posts about your area. Include location tags on each social media post, with “near me” somewhere in the text. 

Go to the experts on social media and SEO strategy. Go Florida SEO is Miami and Orlando’s leading SEO service. Contact us today. 

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