Should You Hire A Programmatic Media Buyer

Should You Hire A Programmatic Media Buyer

So you’re interested in becoming or hiring a programmatic media buyer? Here is a breakdown on what’s important when it comes to programmatic media buying!

What is programmatic media buying?

Programmatic media buying refers to the automation of “programmatically” being able to buy and sell ad inventory in real time with the help of machine automation. The older method or the traditional method of media buying was all based on manual insertion and execution. With the help of machine learning it’s finally capable to automate your ad buying process!

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Did you know that programmatic advertising is expected to grow to upwards of 69% in 2020!

What is all involved in programmatic media buying

With the help of Real-Tim bidding (RTB) programmatic advertising becomes possible. RTB refers to the ability to have an open auction when it comes to ad buying. Just like it’s name, it refers to the ability to buy and sell ad inventory in real time.

Due to this being an open ad exchange, it allows for advertisers to gain better pricing on ad placement! A private marketplace or (PMP) is similar to an open exchange but has restrictions around who can participate. RTB allows for an open ad buying ecosystem while a PMP is an invite only situation.

Programmatic direct is another ad buying opportunity where a publisher would bypass an auction opportunity to sell directly at a fixed CPM or cost per mille.

There is a reason that $1 of every $5 digital media dollars are going toward programmatic advertising these days! It’s because it works and can truly take your ad buying further with better success!

Should I hire a programmatic media buyer or a programmatic agency?

When it comes to hiring any one it can always be a hard decision. Only you know what’s best when it comes to outsourcing or bringing someone in house. Here at Go Florida SEO we try to make it easy for our clients to target the right person when it comes to running an ad campaign programmatically. We like to run programmatic ads on a cost per click basis, which means you don’t waste any ad spend just showing an ad to the wrong person. We help you target your exact online shopper with the help of behavioral targeting and our A.I technology.

Programmatic advertising has made it so much easier to locate the right customer online for your business, so it’s important to hire the right agency or person for this job!

We find that hiring someone and adding them to a payroll can always be a touchy adventure. Having to cover healthcare, training, and overall employee wellness can be exhausting. While hiring an agency like Go Florida SEO could keep this extra stress off your plate, so you can focus growing your business.

How do I know if I’m getting the best results if I go with a programmatic agency?

Depending on who and what type of an agency and how they media buy, it could be hard. Go Florida SEO provides each client with a custom dashboard that updates 2x daily, so you can see exactly how your ad dollars are doing & converting. We make it easy to track your online audience and know the data surrounding your campaign!

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