7 Major Benefits of SEO Consulting for Your Business

The United States market for search engine optimization (SEO) could reach $80 billion by this year. With more people staying at home under quarantine, SEO is one of the best ways companies can reach their customers. In fact, leads from SEO are eight times more likely to become paying customers than those from ads. Which means having someone helping your business digitally through the help of SEO consulting could be your biggest move this year!

Go Florida SEO
Go Florida SEO

Unfortunately, 75% of customers never look beyond the first page of a search. If you’re not improving your ranking, there’s a chance you’re losing business!

With SEO consulting, you can give your ranking a boost, get ahead of competitors, and generate more business. Still on the fence? Keep reading to discover the seven top benefits of SEO consulting.

Hiring a consultant could make all the difference for your business. Read on to learn more.

1. Attract More Traffic

If you’re not generating traffic to your website, there’s a chance consumers will never know who you are. If they can’t learn more about your brand, they’ll likely choose another company.

Boosting your SEO ranking to the top of a search page will ensure anyone who searches for your product or service sees your business. That’s free brand awareness! 

It can take multiple impressions before consumers even become aware of your brand. Ranking for a range of different keywords can help you boost awareness. Over time, that brand awareness will grow into brand recognition.

Once consumers recognize you, they’ll know to visit your website first. 

SEO consulting benefits your business by putting you in front of these customers. Your SEO consultant will help you develop a strong strategy based on your:

  • Brand
  • Marketing/business goals
  • Customers
  • Keywords
  • Competitors

They’ll gather information about your customers, including demographic research. What do your customers care about? What answers are they looking for?

The more you learn about your customers, the more likely you’ll create content that matches their search intent. Google looks for content that appeals to the search intent before ranking websites on its search pages.

Using SEO consulting for your business can help you appeal to the user’s search intent and put you in front of more customers.

Attracting traffic to your website will actually boost your SEO ranking, too. Google looks for websites customers already know and trust. Increasing your visits, clickthrough rate, and dwell time can boost your ranking.

Are visitors leaving without clicking around (bouncing)? A high bounce rate could hurt your ranking. By working with an SEO expert, you can get ahead instead of falling behind. 

2. Generate High-Quality Leads

One of the benefits of SEO consulting is that it helps you focus your SEO efforts on successful endeavors. Your SEO expert will determine which keywords have a high search volume and low competition. Then, you can create high-quality content to appear for these search terms.

Focusing on the keywords your customers use in a search is essential. Otherwise, you’ll miss an opportunity to convert a high-quality lead.

SEO allows you to appear in front of consumers who have an existing interest in your product or service. You can use your content to educate them and show readers you’re there to help. Then, you can use a strong call-to-action to turn those visitors into leads.

Cold calling and other disruptive tactics don’t allow you to focus your time on people who are likely to convert. SEO helps you focus only on your ideal customers. 

By experiencing the benefits of SEO consulting, you can generate more leads and improve your ROI.

3. Save Yourself the Time and Effort

Without SEO experience, you could waste valuable time and money. You could end up testing tactics only to watch them fail.

You need to focus your time and energy on your business and customers. By hiring an SEO consultant, you can save yourself valuable time. You can trust your consultant will develop a sound strategy designed to help you generate results. 

4. Gain an Outside Perspective

You know about your business better than anyone. Unfortunately, that can sometimes cause business owners to put blinders on.

Working with an SEO consulting team will help you gain an outside perspective. They’ll look at your business from the customer’s point of view. Then, they’ll help you generate SEO content designed for your customers.

Their outside perspective could refresh your SEO strategy, allowing you to generate more leads. 

5. Keep Up With Trends

Google updates its search algorithm 500 to 600 times every year. Do you have time to keep up with Google’s constant changes? If not, your SEO strategy could suffer.

SEO consulting benefits your business by ensuring you never fall behind. After all, it’s your consultant’s job to make sure your SEO strategy is timely and effective. They’ll know which trends can help you reach more customers. 

Look for a consultant who understands the importance of machine learning, voice search, video content, and mobile-optimization. 

6. Get Ahead of Big Competitors

Why have SEO consulting services on your side? Namely, SEO is a great way for small businesses to keep up with bigger corporations.

SEO is a cost-effective, long-term marketing strategy. As you improve your ranking, you can maintain your new position on search pages for a long time. A consultant can help you work to the top of the page.

You can even reach the zero-position, which ranks ahead of the organic listings!

Once you rank ahead of big competitors, you can improve your brand authority and attract more website visitors. 

7. Accomplish Your Marketing Goals

SEO can tie into many other marketing goals. Work with a consultant who understands your long-term business and marketing goals before they develop your SEO strategy. They’ll make sure your SEO plan is designed to accomplish those goals.

For example, let’s say you want to increase sales for Product X by 20% in the third quarter. Your SEO expert can create content focused on that product.

Then, you can generate more traffic to relevant pages and start boosting sales. 

Your Search is Over: 7 Major Benefits of SEO Consulting

You don’t have to keep searching for a way to generate more business. Instead, keep these seven major benefits of SEO consulting in mind. By working with an SEO professional, you can boost your online ranking and generate more traffic.

Then, you can generate high-quality leads and sales to boost your ROI. 

Ready to get started with expert SEO consulting services? We have a plan! Contact us today to get started.

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