8 Crucial Qualities to Look for in an SEO Consultant

Studies have shown that organic search drives more than half of a website’s traffic. Hiring an SEO consultant could really make a large change for your business this year! The only way to drive organic traffic is through search engine optimization.

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If you want to see the most significant results from your efforts, you need to hire an SEO consultant. These professionals can help you plan, build, and implement a strategy that’ll work best for your company’s unique situation. Unfortunately, not all consultants are created equally.

How can you be sure the SEO consultant you hire is best for the job? Continue reading to learn 8 crucial qualities you should look for.

1. Years of on-the-Job Experience and Training

One of the most crucial qualities you want to find in an SEO consultant is experience. This can be any combination of on-the-job experience and training. Look for someone with a minimum of five to ten years of combined work experience and training.

Some SEO consultants learned their trade through work experience alone. Others may have gone to a technical school for SEO or digital marketing. Still, others may have received a degree in marketing (or digital marketing specifically).

If a potential consultant has a four-year degree in marketing and two years in the field, that amounts to six years of experience. If a potential consultant went to a two-year technical school and has six years of practical application, this amounts to eight years of experience.

2. Proven Track Record of Success

A great SEO consultant will find it easy to prove their past successes. Look for someone who consistently succeeds in their SEO goals, but also be realistic. Not every company can be guided towards the top spot on Google, but first page results are realistic.

The consultant you hope to hire might offer case studies from previous clients to prove their record. These may be found on the company’s website, or you may have to ask for them.

Another way to check an SEO consultant company’s track record is online review sites. These platforms allow previous clients to rate their experience with consultants they’ve worked with. Primarily positive reviews tell you a company has an excellent online reputation, proving a successful track record.

3. Can Fit in With Your Company’s Culture

The best SEO consultant may not be the ideal choice for your company. Every company has a culture that defines it in terms of goals, voice, and branding. Finding a consultant that fits in with this culture is essential.

A professional who doesn’t mesh with your company’s culture isn’t necessarily bad at their job. They simply aren’t the right fit for your unique situation.

4. Communication Skills

An SEO consultant will be a valuable member of your company team. Not only should they possess fantastic communication skills, but they should also work well with others. Your SEO consultant will likely need to speak with several members of your team to get a full understanding of your company’s needs.

But what happens if an SEO consultant has poor communication skills? It can spell disaster for your marketing campaign. Every team member (permanent or temporary) must be on the same page to succeed in marketing.

5. Understanding of SEO on All Levels

Search engine optimization happens on three distinct levels, and each is equally as important to your company’s overall marketing success. You don’t want to hire a one-dimensional SEO consultant. You need someone who has a thorough understanding of all three levels.

What are the three levels of search engine optimization?

  • Technical SEO – Revolves around user experience and website usability
  • On-page SEO – Includes keywords, HTML tags, and other tactics meant to bring people onto your website
  • Off-page SEO – Revolves around link building

These three levels work together to create a solid strategy for search engine optimization. If one level is ignored or performs poorly, you won’t see maximum results.

6. Understanding of Your Company’s Goals and the Ability to Adapt as Needed

Does the potential SEO expert seem to understand your goals? Do they ask questions when they aren’t sure? If the answer is no, run for the hills.

It’s essential your company’s SEO consultant fully understands what your company is trying to achieve from their campaign. Without a clear goal, your SEO efforts are virtually useless.

7. Broad Knowledge of Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization works hand-in-hand with all your other digital marketing efforts. By having a broad knowledge of digital marketing, an SEO specialist can ensure their actions will benefit the greater picture.

You don’t necessarily need someone who is an expert in all areas of digital marketing. But you do need someone who has a general understanding of all of them.

8. Someone You Can See Yourself Working With

You must find a consultant you can see yourself working with. Some personalities will clash no matter how hard you try to get along. Sometimes finding the right person for the job down to which consultant you work best with.

Questions About What to Look for in an SEO Consultant

If you want to find the best possible SEO consultant for your company, ensuring they have the 8 qualities above is crucial. Working with someone who doesn’t meet all these qualifications could spell disaster to your SEO campaign and overall marketing efforts.

Do you have more questions about what to look for in an SEO consultant? Or would you like to schedule a consultation with one of our SEO experts?

Contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you still have. They can also schedule you a consultation if desired.

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