These 10 OTT Platforms Are Changing the Future

Do you want to know how the consumption of video is changing? Here are 10 OTT platforms that you need to know about today!

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OTT platforms (which stands for over-the-top) are changing how people consume video media. People prefer these digital services since they provide convenient features like helping the viewer pick up right where they left off on a show.

With the state of OTT right now, it’s also a great way for businesses to monetize their video media. This caused more video platforms to come into the scene. This gives consumers lots of choices for entertainment from live streams to providing the means to watch your favorite shows.

Here’s a list of the 10 platforms that are changing the future of video. Read on to learn how they’re being a part of the change.

1. Netflix

Netflix is the biggest name on the OTT service list. They’re the first platform to have a successful method of monetizing their video streaming service. They do this through subscription services with different options that allow more people on a single account.

In a time where pirating movies and videos was a thing, how did Netflix succeed? It’s because they provide a reasonable price for the services they provide. A small price gives consumers unlimited access to tons of videos from movies to series.

The only problem that Netflix faces is region locking. Some media isn’t accessible to other users because of copyright issues in different countries. It’s not too big of an issue, though, as users find ways to access these with third party programs.

2. IBM Watson Media

OTT platforms are more than giving content to people who pay for the service. It’s about helping brands monetize video media as a viable business model. IBM Watson Media gives most businesses the means to do this.

They provide 2 choices for monetization. Users can go for the usual subscription-based model, leaving users happier as they can ensure making a profit this way. Consumers are also happier as they have access to their services.

What about those who can’t afford a subscription, though? You can go for an ad-based monetization model, instead. This allows customers to enjoy content without having to worry about payment.

Doing this leaves ads on the video, instead, like how YouTube monetizes videos. Each ad played means more money coming from the ad provider.

Doing this is also provides different means of ad boosting. It’s a way for you to ensure the quality of your ads for your audience. This makes each add relevant, helping the ads succeed, too.

3. DaCast

DaCast is a platform that focuses on live streaming. This makes it a great option for brands who look to do long shows for their audiences. What’s great about this platform is that it provides hosting to Chinese audiences, too.

China is restrictive on what they show to their audience. Having a host that allows users to tap into this demographic is a great way to increase revenue. This is because China has one of the largest populations in the world.

4. Voot

What many other platforms are adapting is cultural diversity. People love learning about new cultures and Voot allows them to immerse themselves in it.

The platform provides shows from different regions of the world. The Indian platform gets the rights of many shows from across the world to add to their catalog. This allows its viewers to know more about how filmmaking is in other countries.

What’s great is that their cultures are often clear in their shows. It means that Voot is giving what their audience demands and satisfying them.

5. Wowza

Wowza’s platform gives industries great scalability on the internet. This is because they provide features to videos that consumers and users can enjoy. Simple things like captions and accessibility options do a lot for handicapped users. 

Users also have access to powerful features that allow customization. They can even manage video production from remote locations with the platform’s help.

Wowza also provides live stream support for brands looking to tap into the media. It’s a great way to get all the features you need in a video marketing service.

What makes Wowza an appealing choice is that it also gives top-notch security services. It’s among the only platforms that provide token and two-factor authentication. They also encrypt outgoing and incoming streams for more security.

6. Kaltura

As mentioned above, people love live streams. They like the experience of being with the producer as the video happens. However, some people like on-demand videos, as it gives them more control over their time.

Kaltura changes the game by giving you the ability to do both. You can also use this platform to increase your OTT advertising through their “Kaltura Pitch” feature. It allows you to make a great marketing campaign around your content.

This platform also has great compatibility with video conferencing tools. This is because of the platform’s full integration of third-party programs. This makes it easy for people to use software like Zoom and Discord.

What makes it better is that Kaltura also provides users with interactive features. Poll-creation, live quizzes, and collaborative whiteboards are available with Kaltura. Other interactive elements are also available with the “Townhall” feature.

The platform also has amazing reliability. There are next to no crashes reported by users since the platform’s launch. It’s a great platform to use for live streams if you don’t want crashes to happen while streaming.

7. JW Player Live

Do OTT services give love to mobile users, too? Yes, they do! This is evident with the JW Player Live platform. They provide services that provide some functionality to iOS and Android devices.

This is important since most of the internet’s population access the internet through mobile devices. It makes it important to optimize your website for mobile devices. Failing to do this can cost you traffic and decrease your SEO, too.

The platform also increases customer engagement through article matching. This allows them to recommend the next most relevant video to the consumer. Their videos require tags for viewers and bots to know what they’re about.

They then use these tags to search for other videos with relevant tags to recommend. It’s a great way to keep viewers hooked on your videos on the site. A customer on a website longer while being active is a great way to increase SEO.

8. Vimeo OTT

YouTube’s long-standing rival now provides an OTT service. It offers both ad-based and subscription-based services to monetize videos. Users can also enjoy adaptive content delivery and streaming on the platform.

The most notable feature it has is the live Q&A that the audience can have with the producers. This makes any video on the platform more engaging to viewers who love live streams. This is important since having a good relationship with audiences is essential for brands.

What’s also great about the platform is that it also gauges the performance of each video. You have access to the analytics to see if your audience responded well to your previous video. You can use this feature to drive your OTT marketing to a more desirable path.

9. Hulu

Being Netflix’s most notable competitor isn’t an easy feat to get. Hulu does this by capitalizing on Netflix’s weakness that we mentioned above. It gives customers most of the shows that they wouldn’t be able to see on Netflix.

This changes the game because it’s a more cutthroat way of gaining customers. A viewer will see that the other platform has their show, so they subscribe to that. It can work the other way around for you, but the reward is often worth the risk.

The platform also offers free trials even to their premium service. Unlike Netflix, though, it only lasts for 7 days. This still gives full access to Hulu’s catalog and even to its Live TV compatibility.

This is a big move by Hulu, and it caters to the older demographic. They give them the comfort and familiarity of watching shows on their televisions.

This gives Hulu another point against Netflix. This is because Netflix is pulling support from certain television brands.

10. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime changes the game by giving more than what the customers more than they want. Subscribing to their video streaming service also gives people access to more services.

They gain access to exclusive items in their shop. They also get discounts and free shipping as long as they’re subscribed. This is why we love the Amazon OTT platform!

Gamers also get something out of an Amazon Prime subscription. They get a free game pass on certain platforms. This gives them access to tons of free games to play on their device whenever they please.

Choose Among the Best OTT Platforms Today

These OTT platforms are changing how we consume videos over the internet. Study how they’re changing the internet and become a part of the change today!

With so many similar platforms popping up on the internet, it can be tough to become relevant. You’re going to need some top-notch local SEO to come out ahead of the competition. Here are some tips to help you win the SEO scene today!

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