Why Your Business Needs a Media Buying Strategy

Digital media buying can run up your marketing budget. And you likely don’t have endless amounts to invest in digital media buying. 

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The solution to avoid excessive overspending and make the most of purchased ads is a media buying strategy. This strategy should include several features to advertise your brand.

Read more to learn what features your digital marketing strategy should be for media buying.

Know When to Purchase Ads for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Even if you’re experienced with digital media buying, you likely have purchased ads at the wrong time. Many factors play into buying ads. Working with a professional marketing agency on your media buying strategy can fix this.

The following are a few reasons you might need to rethink your media buying habits. These events usually don’t reveal the waste in your media buying budget until after the fact.

Launching a New Campaign

Whenever you launch a new campaign for your digital marketing strategy, you need to buy new ads. Setting a media buying strategy ahead of time can help you. New campaigns require new ads to test their effectiveness.

When advertising different products with a new campaign, your ads should match. You can conduct A/B testing to see which new ads are most active. Use these split test purchases to determine effectiveness.

Your new campaign needs to be recognizable by consumers, too. If you advertise new products with old ads, you may confuse your audience. Instead, buy new media for your new campaign.

Mismatched Ads

If you feel your recent ad purchases don’t sync up with your current campaigns, you need to explore a media buying strategy. Marketing professionals can give you actual data supporting mismatched ads. These ads don’t produce the results you want, even with time and research.

If your digital media buying happens reactively, that may be a source of mismatching. You may be out of touch with trends to help better target an audience. Ads need updating often, sometimes multiple times throughout a campaign.

Depending on your campaign length, you may need to purchase more ads. If you have an extended campaign, you likely need to test the most effective ads. Testing helps match ads and give you desired rates of interaction.

Access to the Latest Market Research

Knowing when to purchase ads is only part of media buying. You need to know what ads to buy, too. The latest information informs ad purchases.

A professional marketing agency can direct you to relevant market research. Knowing the latest market research helps you target an audience better. When you can focus better, you can save your time and money.

Behavioral Data

Access to the latest market data research gives you ways to track consumer behavior. When you know how and why your customers buy, you can place ads better. Market research should be included in your media buying strategy.

Marketing agencies use behavioral data to help you purchase the best ads. This means advertising different products with demographics in mind. Consumer data helps inform you of the latest trends and avoid buying the wrong ads.

Staying Up to Date With Trends

Trends in market research help with consumer data. Trends in advertising help you take full advantage of this data. Your media buying strategy needs to include this tech to succeed.

An updated, on-trend digital marketing strategy can help your media buying. When you work with a professional marketing agency, you gain access to the latest in research and advertising trends.

Programmatic Advertising

Your media buying can significantly benefit from programmatic advertising. Digital media buying is a lengthy, complicated process. When you have tools to help streamline this process, you should use them.

Programmatic advertising automates various processes in your ad campaign. With purchase automation and optimized ad placement, you can’t overlook this feature. Marketing agencies use tools like these when buying in large amounts.

One crucial detail to consider: Your marketing agency may use people to help with information automation overlooks. Streamlined processes eliminate human error, as well as innovation.

Measuring campaign performance is often a feature with most programmatic advertising. This helps you and marketing agencies track essential metrics about your consumer’s behaviors.

Real-Time Bidding

Real-time bidding, a specific type of programmatic advertising, allows for competitive ad purchasing. RTB allows for better targeting and matches ads more accurately.

An automated process, it can bid for marketing agencies who want flexibility in digital media buying. When using a tool like this, you have more choices and control over ad budgeting. You can set caps and take the best ads for yourself.

Instead of competition outbidding you and breaking your media buying budget, RTB caps that for you. Your dollars go further when you have more to spend on more competitive ads. Spending too much on fewer ads can ruin your media buying strategy.

Stretching Your Media Buying Budget Further

One of the most significant incentives for crafting a media buying strategy is its cost-efficiency. Your marketing budget only goes so far. You want to make every dollar count. 

Clear objectives in your digital marketing strategy will push your media buying budget. There are a few ways marketing agencies can effectively cut costs. These include budget allocation methods to spend your dollars where they count. 

Price Rates

Price rates for different ads vary by season. Demographics to target an audience shift in importance. This means there are optimal times for digital media buying.

If your professional marketing agency uses RTB and other forms of automated purchasing, you can get the best price rates. Marketers know to bid low and strategically. They can advise you on reasonable budgets for your goals.

Types of Ads

The types of ads purchased also impact your media buying budget. Display ads are most common in digital marketing, so price points are competitive. Engaging ads are great to target an audience on various platforms online.

Audio ads offer even more immersive opportunities. Marketing agencies versed in diverse media buying use these ads for maximum audience engagement. Varying up ad type allows for participation on desired ad platforms for the best impact.

Access to Digital Media Buying Expertise

When you build your media buying strategy, you want marketing expertise. Even if you’re skilled or confident in digital media buying, an expert offers insights. These insights help your knowledge go even further.

The benefits of working with a marketing agency for your digital marketing strategy are varied. Expert marketing gives you benefits you may not anticipate.

Neutral Gatekeeper

When purchasing ads, you want to do so in an unbiased way. If you favor outdated ad styles, your campaigns might suffer. RTB helps counteract some of this bias, but not all digital media buying is automated.

When you work with a marketer, you have an arbitrary expert to help. This expertise can buffer issues with any in-person media buying.

Sometimes, ad vendors try to take advantage of new businesses. Working with a pro can help you avoid this and get the best price on the best ads.

Connecting the Dots

If you have any unanswered problems with ineffective ads, professional marketers can connect these dots. Your previous media buying strategy might have overshot target demographics. Only insider knowhow might reveal this problem.

When purchasing new media, an expert marketer can help you negotiate the details. You now have expertise on which ad formats work better on which platforms. You can also determine which ads are least active and remove them from your strategy altogether.

Optimal Pricing

Although a well-crafted strategy can help your media buying strategy, so can an expert. When you hire a marketing agency for your media buying, you get even better pricing. With programmatic ad tools, marketers can buy more than you can individually.

Often, marketing agencies source ads for multiple clients. This means they are placing several bids at once on similar ad types. This also means they get the best price when purchasing ads for various customers.

Ads bought in bulk are even more cost-effective than real-time bidding. Your marketing agency uses this to help your budget go even further.

Where to Purchase Ads for Your Media Buying Strategy

You want access to the best ads and tools for your media buying strategy. Not only does this mean purchasing the best ads. It also means working with a marketing agency that considers every detail for your brand.

Go Florida SEO can support your media buying needs, and more. We aim to maximize your marketing from the bottom up.

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