101 On Hiring A Marketing Specialist for Your Business

Are you looking to up your marketing game?

Over recent years the marketplace has grown more competitive than ever. The success of your business hinges on the quality of your marketing. But if marketing isn’t your area of expertise, it can be hard to know where to start.

Don’t worry! Read on for 9 top reasons you need a marketing specialist for your business today.

1. Provide Access to the Latest Tech

In-house marketing departments often lack access to the latest technology. Different departments need their own specialist tech to function at their best.

Marketing software slips off the radar if, say finance, need to update their software. With so many departments, marketing might not be top of the priority list.

Not to mention the large volume of marketing tools available on the market. It takes a professional to know which ones will suit your business needs.

A marketing agency can solve this as marketing is their priority. They will have access to all the latest and best technology in the industry. Bringing in a marketing specialist from an agency will provide guidance and implementation. You’ll get service, support, and anything you need.

Marketing agencies have a vested interest in keeping their technology up to date. With each technology advancement, there will be automatic benefits to your marketing.

You and your staff won’t need to worry about getting clued up on the latest marketing tech either. You can leave that to the professionals, and focus on what you do best — making profits.

2. Deliver Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is now a key platform for reaching out to and connecting with your target audiences. You can have regular, direct engagement with your customers.

You can establish personalized relationships, hear concerns and complaints, and resolve them fast. It helps keep your audience engaging with your brand and keeping you at the forefront of their minds.

But, if you don’t know how to use it, it can do more harm than good. The smallest mistake could alienate your audiences and compromise your reputation. An experienced marketing specialist has trained to navigate this delicate online world. They can:

  • Understand the different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) need different strategies.
  • Explore paid ads and other paid marketing strategies, and know how to get the best results from them.
  • Track engagement between your audience and your company to learn their preferences.
  • Handle requests, questions and issues from customers sent via these platforms.
  • Build a good reputation for your brand and maintain it.

Well managed social media accounts take time and dedication. But when you get it rights, the rewards speak for themselves. Marketing specialists are masters at these platforms. They know the best ways to engage your audience and get the best results for your business.

3. Allow You and Your Staff to Be More Productive

If you’re juggling marketing responsibilities, you’ll find your attention split. Things that need your attention may fall to the wayside or you may forget them full stop. With too many areas to handle, its easy for things to fall through the cracks and not get the attention they need.

Especially for small businesses, you and your employees will wear many different hats. It’s, to a point, unavoidable. But marketing is crucial to your success and growth and deserves dedicated attention.

Areas like SEO, online advertising, and content management is time-consuming. They’re also areas where it’s easy to waste a lot of time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let a marketing specialist handle it, so you can focus on the areas that you’re qualified for.

4. Leverage Built-In Expertise

When you’re working with an outsourced marketing agency, you’re getting expertise. Remember, this is their sole focus — marketing is their bread and butter. You’re getting access to multi-industry experience as well as all their resources.

It’s likely that a marketing specialist will have worked with similar companies before. But where they excel is the fact they’ll have experience from other industries too.

This gives them a whole host of strategies to pick and choose from to tailor and marketing package for you. Analytic research and targeting combine with this knowledge to make a personalized package.

You’ll also get an idea with benchmark comparisons to your competitors. Without having to invest staff and time, you’ll get a full market study to measure your success.

5. Do More With Less

If you’re restricted by your in-house marketing, you might not be using many channels. You might focus on your email lists or one social platform. You could only focus on your PPC campaigns.

Even with only one channel, you might not have the time for even basic marketing maintenance. It’s one thing using a channel, but you need to keep it updated. Even your website needs recent, regular, relevant content.

Outsourcing to a professional will let you focus on more channels without overwhelming yourself. It ensures your social media and website get updates on a regular schedule to keep users engaged.

A copywriter will handle your blogs and email newsletter. A graphic designer can make the most out of your website. With a huge range of marketing services available, you hand what you want over to a professional. From single ad campaigns right up to the entire marketing functions of your business.

6. Bring an Unbiased Perspective to Things

Wrapped up in daily activity, in-house marketers might struggle to see the big picture. They’re likely to express any concerns or difficulties that are hindering their job too. No one wants to rock the boat.

Being too close to the business can be an issue. It can hinder the ability to see your marketing strategies from the customers’ point of view. One-sides opinions can be restrictive.

If you want to get marketing, to the correct audience you need an outside point of view. An unbiased, professional opinion can help you clarify your strategy. They’ll also help point out issues and give you solutions to fix them and tighten up your marketing.

7. Keep Updated with Marketing Trends

Marketing specialists, to stay on top of their game, need to keep up-to-date in the industry. They’ll follow the market trends and how they’re changing to keep strategies fresh, and know all about search algorithm updates.

Agencies will have staff dedicated to reading magazines, go to conferences, and so on. It’s their job to keep an eye on the market trends at all times.

Your in-house marketer might not have the time to dedicate to all this industry research! Even if they are on top of the latest tech, branding, and social media trends, it’s overwhelming. Especially when they’re still buried in trying to put in place the current trends.

A marketing specialist ensures your business is always on-trend. Where trends are always changing in this digital world, you need people who know how to stay on top. They’ll commit to bringing you strategies that are always leading the way.

8. Grow with your Business Needs

Another reason to outsource is to accommodate accelerated growth of your business. For some companies, this means reducing time-to-market. Quick turnover is important in these cases to:

  • Launch a new brand
  • Relaunch an existing one
  • Develop a content strategy

To do this in-house will take huge amounts of time and energy for all team members. HR and management will also need to recruit, hire, and train new employees.

Because of this, it’s a better move to outsource your marketing to a professional team. They’re already established, successful, and can jump straight in.

As your business grows, it’s not uncommon to encounter company acquisitions. Outsourced teams are better placed to handle brand mergers. Marketing data needs to merge when a brand merges into an organization. This is to ensure consistency across the brand family.

For internal teams, this can be confusing and a lot to handle on top of existing daily duties. For a marketing specialist, it’s what they do. They’ll be able to merge new brands into your organization with seamless, united strategies.

9. Lower Fixed Costs

Cost management concerns are another big reason to bring in expert help. Hiring in-house marketing staff adds significant fixed costs to your overheads. For example, you have extra salary and benefit package costs to consider. Which increases the more skilled the employee.

By outsourcing to professionals, these fixed costs become variable. This is especially vital when testing new strategies, or launching new products.

You can carry out content creation, web development and SEO, and so on, without a fixed salary locking you in. This allows for more flexibility to scale up or down depending on your business growth.

Our marketing budgets can’t always be as big as we want them to be. So where there’s less marketing dollar to play with, getting better results for less is key. By using marketing specialists, you can keep marketing costs flexible. But you don’t have to skimp out on the quality you want for your brand.

Don’t Delay and Hire a Marketing Specialist Today!

So there you have it! Now you know these 9 top reasons, there’s no excuse to delay hiring a marketing specialist today.

A specialist has access to the latest technologies and resources. They have a vast repository of experience and knowledge that will help your brand shine. Most companies fail to live up to their full potential as they lack a marketing specialist. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you want to improve your marketing to bring you the traffic your business needs to grow, the contact us today at Go Florida SEO. Our SEO and Paid Traffic Experts are ready to advise you on proven strategies to increase your website traffic and revenue.

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