How to get the best backlinks for SEO in 2019 (Best Guide for 2019)

As you know getting backlinks from reputable sources is a big deal when Google is deciding on your websites ranking factors.

Establishing quality backlinks is a little more challenging than just paying some site owner to cite one of your pages as you may be finding out.

But following our guest post strategy will help you build a backlink profile that will help you improve your ranking, but also have lasting, positive impact on your search visibility.

Guest Posts

“Guest posting” is what we like to call the back scratching of digital marketing. You help someone with content and information on something and they will feature it on their page and link your website as the source of reference.

This is a win-win in the business world. Everyone gets something they need and want, while both businesses get to accomplish something that Google finds important when considering ranking.

Now Here Is What You Do!

The first step is to identify the sites you’d like to contribute content towards.

You’ll want to first find out if they allow for article submissions which will help speed up the process for your guest post to be featured. Don’t always aim for the biggest publications since they may not always drive the exact niche traffic you need from that article.

Also see if there is anyone inside the same type of industry you are in. Most likely if a site is willing to publish similar work, there’s an extremely strong chance they will be open to your content as well.

Just remember before you reach out and submit any guest post content opportunities that you double check to make sure you meet the sites guidelines. Nothing is worse than putting in a ton of effort then finding out you missed something.

Extra tip

Many of the blogs and publication sites will naturally link to your website inside the author bio, but you can take it a step further. Make sure you include a link to your own site or a specific page within the article to get the most out of this guest posting.

Don’t just post the link anywhere. Make sure your backlink flows with the article and gives the reader a natural reading experience.

Keep in Mind

Many of these publications and blog sites get pitched dozens of times a week from writers wanting the same thing you are. Take your time and make sure you give them a reason above others to post your content, and you’ll be much more successful in doing so.

What Not to do

Just like there are plenty of ways to do it, there are a few ways not to do it and buying crappy placement is one. Google has issued warnings about guest posts and you need to take those warnings seriously.

When working with someone to help you build out your guest posts if you’re not doing it yourself double check with them on how many backlinks & guest posts they are setting up. Google wants quality not necessary quantity.

Google wants what’s best for their readers and researchers. Google won’t allow your guest posts to help your SEO efforts if your guest posts aren’t quality.

If you are looking to streamline your guest posting and backlink building, then let us know! We have a strong team of writers and direct relationships with publishing sites that may meet your exact niche.

You can always do this yourself, but it’s not an easy or fast process. We are here to help if you have any questions or would like to review your current SEO plan.

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