How Does SEO Consulting Work?

SEO and digital marketing are more important than ever for businesses. If your SEO strategy isn’t on point, you could be losing out on potential business. 

SEO consulting
SEO consulting

If you want to improve SEO and get help from a professional, consider looking into SEO consulting. SEO consulting services could be just what you need to give your strategy the oomph it needs.

Make sure you finish reading this post before you try to find a consultant on your own. We’re going to give you a quick rundown on what an SEO consultant does and how you can find the right one for your business. 

What Is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant can be viewed as an expert in SEO that works with companies to make their websites more SEO friendly. They can be helpful in the beginning stages of planning an SEO strategy, and can also be brought in to make improvements to current SEO plans. 

Most SEO experts would consider themselves a master in all things related to SEO. They’ll be able to evaluate your website and tell you the best opportunities for improving SEO. 

There are some SEO consultants that specialize in a very specific area of SEO. One may consider themselves to be an SEO content writing expert while another may be able to help with SEO from a technical standpoint like sitemaps and site structure.

What Happens During an SEO Consultation? 

Everyone has different methods, but most SEO consultations follow the same pattern. 

First, your SEO consultant will ask you questions about your main goals for SEO and about any initiatives you have going. It’s important to be as honest and descriptive as possible during this stage. The answers you give can help shape your future campaign.

After talking to you, they may ask for access to Google Analytics and other software you use to track site traffic. If you don’t currently use any program, they may ask that you sign up for one so they can start to pull important data.

From there, they’ll take an in-depth look at your website to determine which areas need the most improvement. They’ll also pay close attention to your current online presence through backlinks, reviews, social sharing, and mentions on other sites. 

After they conduct their thorough audit, they’ll be able to make recommendations on the best next steps to take to improve SEO. They’ll usually compile all of their data in a report so you can review it with other people or use it in future plans.

Should I Use SEO Consulting?

If you’re serious about improving your SEO strategy, we highly recommend getting the help of a consultant. 

Like we mentioned earlier, SEO consultants can be helpful at any stage of your SEO plan. A consultant can help you build a plan from scratch, or can find ways to help improve your current strategy. 

Companies that have an established digital marketing team can also benefit from using SEO consulting services. You may have a great team, but having a fresh set of eyes review their work could give them some outside insight into problems they’re struggling to solve. 

How to Find SEO Consulting Services

If you do a quick search for SEO consultants you’re going to have a lot of results. There are a ton of individuals and companies that offer SEO consulting services, but that doesn’t mean that they’re right for you. 

There is no one perfect company that’s a good fit for everyone. That’s why it’s important to know how to find the right one for your needs. If you’re serious about finding an SEO consultant, be sure to keep these tips in mind. 

Consider Industry Experience

Some people may argue that SEO is the same across all industries, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a consultant that has experience in your industry. 

Industry knowledge can help people know what keywords you should try to rank for. They may also have insight into what has worked for other companies in the past.

Finding someone with industry expertise can also help lessen the learning curve. People in very nuance industries may not want to take the time to educate someone on industry jargon and terms. Having an SEO expert that can jump right in can help move things along. 

Read Reviews

When we say read reviews, we don’t just mean to choose a company that has 5-star ratings. Actual written reviews can tell you a lot more about a company than any star rating system could. 

When you read reviews, don’t just pay attention to whether not the client was happy with their results. See if people mention any specifics about what it was like working with a particular consultant. 

Did someone mention that they felt like consultants were responsive to questions, or did they have to ask things multiple times? Do people mention if they felt like they were a priority for consultants? 

Ask About Results 

Happy customer reviews are one thing, but data points that prove expertise are quite another. Before you decide to go with a consultant, be sure to ask them about the results they’ve been able to get for other clients. 

Did their SEO work help a client rank for a certain keyword? Has their advice on site structure and linking helped improve bounce rates? How many spots on average do people move up once they start using their services?

Any SEO consultant worth working with will have no trouble telling you about their achievements. Think about your ultimate SEO goals and ask them how they can make them happy.

Get Consulting Help Today

SEO consulting can be just what you need to improve your overall strategy. If you focus on finding a knowledgable consultant that has good reviews and can show results, you’ll be happy with who you pick. 

Are you ready to improve your SEO strategy? If so, we’re ready to help. Be sure to contact us so we can talk about the best way to improve your strategy. 

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