Get An Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Tips for Finding Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Do you have a small business with a limited marketing budget? But want to advertise and grow your business? Go Florida SEO has exactly what you need for only $399 a month!

If so, you’re not alone. Most small businesses simply don’t have the funds to put towards marketing efforts. But to continue growing a small business, you need to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing efforts.

This poses a dilemma. Finding affordable SEO services for small businesses can be difficult but not impossible.

Many of these services still cost far more than what some small businesses can pay. However, limited budgets and resources shouldn’t mean little to no SEO services.

Fortunately, there are several ways a small business can find affordable SEO services. Your business can stay within budget while boosting it to grow your business. Learn how your small business can find affordable SEO services.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Most people in the business industry have some familiarity with search engine optimization (SEO). But not all small business owners do, particularly those who are new to the business world.

Search engine optimization is the process of expanding the number of visitors on your website. You do this by improving your site so it ranks high on search engines, like Google or Bing. Better rankings lead to more traffic on your site.

In turn, this will increase your chances of converting site visitors into customers. More customers mean more sales, greater return on investment (ROI), and the opportunity to grow your business.

You can gain traffic through “free,” “organic,” “editorial,” and “natural” search results. Most traffic is free and organic meaning people find your site organically. You can pay a company to advertise your site and boost its SEO ranking on search engines.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO works by search engines ranking quality websites higher than low-quality websites.

The search engine, Google, uses a web crawler (known as Googlebot) to browses every site on the web. It collects information from these sites and indexes it for Search.

Websites with quality content, strong keyword usage, and well-built sitemaps will rank higher. The crawler also checks link quality and usage in the site.

If you want a high-ranking website for your small business, you need high-quality content and information. This is where an SEO service comes in. They will optimize your website by adding quality links, blogs, and campaigns to get more people to visit your site.

Every high-ranking website takes time to improve its website’s SEO. Improve the quality of your website will convert more site visitors into customers.

What to Avoid in an SEO Service

Search for SEO services and you’ll come across hundreds of services that promise outstanding results at an affordable price. While a few of these may be true, many of these services will bluff and brag about false merits.

Others believe their services are the best and will overprice their services. Then some simply lie by saying their campaigns are successful but are unable to provide you with any proof.

It’s possible to fall victim to a fake service or lose money by working with one who lied about their credentials. To avoid this, you must do your research before choosing an SEO service provider.

Credible SEO service providers should be willing to show you their work and track record in SEO marketing. If they don’t, that’s a red flag and you should turn them down.

Next, you should research prices based on the track record. As mentioned above, there are service providers who will over-price their services. Compare prices to make sure the company you’re considering is offering you fair and affordable SEO services.

You will want to avoid consultants and services that are surprisingly cheap but still promise fast short term results. Many of these consultants don’t have a comprehensive understanding of SEO. They can also damage your website and ruin its reputation.

Finding Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses Tips

As an owner or manager of a small business, your time is precious. Knowing what to avoid will help you find a quality SEO service faster. Here’s what you should look for and consider when looking for affordable SEO services for small businesses.

Find SEO Services that Fit Your Needs

Most small businesses can’t afford to spend extra on marketing services that go beyond their base needs. Look for SEO consultants who offer services that fit your business’s objective. You will want to work with a consultant that can achieve your goals within your budget.

Investing in a consultant will be expensive but it’s okay to negotiate a price. Depending on the consultant, this can be one flat rate, based on each project, or hourly based on the consultant’s time.

Meet With Multiple SEO Consultants

You should sit and meet with possible SEO consultants in person. Many will offer a free consultation to learn about your business needs and how they can fit. Afterward, they’ll contact you with the services and prices they’ll offer your business.

Don’t be afraid to sit and meet with several different consultants. It’s best practice to do this in secret as some prospective companies may decide not to work with your business. Major consultants will have clients compete for their service rather than the other way around.

Personalized Service

To maintain good branding, you’ll want an SEO company that’s able to make changes and create content that fits your business’ mission. But you also want control over the services you are getting.

Affordable SEO consultants may offer a customizable service package. This lets you pick and choose what services fit your brand and needs. Customizable services include social media campaigns, conversions, keywords and more.

What do You Want?

As you learn what services SEO consultants will offer your business, you have to think about what services your business needs. Do you want an effective social media campaign, improved backlinks, or something else?

The 3 primary types of SEO services are technical, off-page, and on-page. Technical  SEO focuses on optimizing your website while on-page focuses on optimizing individual web pages on your site. Knowing what you want to improve will help both you and your consultant create the most effective and cost-efficient strategy.

Always Collect Detailed Reports

Each week or month, your service should provide you with a report containing information about your campaigns. This includes keyword rankings, conversions, site traffic, and more. They also demonstrate how effective your SEO service is.

The reports give you valuable insights into how campaigns are performing and whether you’re meeting goals. If the reports aren’t showing any positive changes, consider looking for another SEO service. 

Conforming to Webmaster Guidelines

Search engines penalize websites with spam links and fake text. Unfortunately, many SEO services will use fake or poor quality links and content to save themselves money and time. Make sure both you and your SEO service provider follow Webmaster Guidelines.

Quality Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Where do you start looking for affordable SEO services? Here are a few ways you can find reputable SEO services.

Local SEO Services

Keep SEO services at an affordable price by focusing on local SEO. Local SEO, or local search engine marketing, promotes small businesses online to local customers. It uses a mix of behavioral targeting and geo-targeting to cater to your local target audience.

Most brick and mortar small businesses don’t have the resources to work with customers located across the country or the world. Focusing your SEO strategy on local customers will help your business save time and money on SEO services.

When your business grows, you can always change or marketing strategy and broaden the location of your target audience.

Freelance SEO Services

Many SEO marketing specialists freelance their services. This is a great option for small businesses in need of affordable services. If you need an SEO specialist for only a few months, a freelance consultant can be a cost-effective option.

However, freelancers will range in cost based on their education, experience, and demonstrated work. As mentioned above, research freelance services. Ask for reviews and past work to make sure they’re a good fit for your business.

SEO Consultations

Do you need expert advice about SEO marketing? Rather than have a specialist manage all your SEO, you can pay to meet with a specialist for an hour or more. They can discuss best practices, effective strategies, and campaigns that will work best for your small business.

When you go to the meeting, come prepared with a list of questions and concerns. You’ll stay on-track during the discussion and answer all your important questions.

After, you can plan and implement an effective strategy to optimize your website and boost your website’s rankings on the web.

SEO With Link Building

If you don’t need end-to-end SEO services, you can find affordable services who focus only on one part of SEO. One such part is link building.

Link building involves adding links from other sites to your own. These links help viewers jump between sites and improves SEO.

Link building as a tricky process as it involves finding and buying links to credible sites. It also involves sharing links to your site with other credible sites.

Focusing only on one aspect of SEO, like link building, is a way to keep services affordable.

Manual Outreach

Manual outreach is the process of carrying-out link building. Email, social media, and press outreach are all forms of manual outreach.

It involves reaching out to people to get them to click on links to your site. Or, others, such as social media influencers, can share a little about your product or service on their site with a link to your site.

You can also use this form of outreach with blogging. It may cost you more upfront, but the links won’t go dry and you can keep them if your SEO consultant leaves.

SEO Services for eCommerce

Is your small business an eCommerce business? If so, maintaining focus on eCommerce SEO will improve your business’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO is cheaper than a paid search.

This form of SEO improves your product descriptions, headlines, metadata, and navigation structure. Improving these boosts user experience and makes it more searchable. It also involves keyword tracking and adding valuable keywords to your site.

As an eCommerce business, look for SEO services that specialize in eCommerce. They can scale their services to fit your site’s needs.

Manage SEO On Your Own

Managing your own SEO marketing can save you the most money. It may not be the most effective at first, but you will learn and get better with experience.

The internet is a valuable resource where you can find tutorials about SEO strategies, web design, and content development. Google and LinkedIn offer free and affordable online classes you can take any time.

Content writers can be a worthwhile investment to help with building content and improving keyword use. Freelancing content writers are often more affordable than an SEO specialist and will only create work based on your needs.

The best part about DIY SEO is you’ll gain an understanding of what SEO is and how it works. When your business is ready to invest in a quality SEO service, you’ll know exactly what you want and what to look for.

Rock Your SEO Today

Finding affordable SEO services for small businesses can be difficult but not impossible. With these tips and strategies, your business is sure to find a way to boost SEO without having to pay a fortune.

Do you want to learn more about SEO and effective marketing strategies? Let’s get in touch and start planning the best marketing strategy for your business. 

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