10 Examples of OTT to Leave You Feeling Inspired

“Over the top” streaming is taking over.

While 43% of U.S. households still subscribe to both an OTT service and pay-TV, more than 70% of the U.S. has a digital video subscription (free or paid). The market is expected to grow to over $330 billion by 2025. Keep reading to see 10 examples of OTT advertising!

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What is OTT? OTT streaming means any website or application that streams video content over the internet. OTT platforms thereby ignore traditional TV cable networks. Think YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, and more. OTT content also includes ‘connected TV’ or CTV, which is content streamed by a smart TV over the internet (e.g. Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV). These are divided because they are tied to the device on which they are used – whereas OTT content can be streamed from any device with an internet connection.

OTT platforms are cutting into the customer base of traditional TV. The accessibility and ease of use of OTT platforms is a huge plus. OTT can be accessed from any device at any time. Like social media, this increases user consumption tenfold. 

Examples of OTT

OTT marketing has enormous potential. Hulu recently reported a $700 million ad revenue chunk in 2019 – starting the year with only 17 million subscribers. The OTT market is booming, but it only for big players. Let’s dive into some examples of OTT streaming that might inspire you to join the ranks.


TINT yoga stands for the famous Star Wars quote “there is no try.” Their team stands for commitment, passion, and awareness. Yoga OTT platforms are rising in popularity, after some highly successful YouTube channels. South Korean TINT founder, Young Ho Kim is a martial artist who moved to Germany as a teenager.

After transitioning into yoga, he founded his yoga style by drawing on his wide variety of yoga training. His style is scientific and focused. His yoga studio, Inside Yoga, is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

TINT yoga boasts an average experience of 15+ years between each instructor, and over 100 programs on the channel. TINT yoga charges customers $16.58 per month with a 14-day free trial.


Food channels have been popular for decades. They are great advertisement platforms for food products, kitchen equipment, and restaurants. Foodable is an on-demand content network for foodservice professionals. $17 a month brings you video tutorials, coaching courses, and insights to help customers improve their restaurant or hospitality business.

Founded by Paul Barron, Foodable Network delivers video podcasts and virtual content to platforms like Google, Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

Magic Stream

Described as ‘the future of learning magic’, Magic Stream is accessible on all platforms, inducing Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, fireTV, and any browser.

Founded in 2001, Ellusonist was created to cater to anyone with a curiosity towards learning magic. Founder Brad Christians wanted to reach and inspire magicians around the world. Magic Stream is $9.99 per month or $99.95 per year.

Naturally Sassy

Anyone who’s ever tried ballet will tell you it’s extremely physically and, at times, mentally demanding. In pursuit of artistic perfection, ballet dancers often undergo tough training that can wear the body down quickly. There’s a reason that ballet dancers often begin training at such a young age.

Saski Gregson-Williams realized that she spent more time recovering from injuries than performing. She began to focus on ways to strengthen her body and recover faster.
Naturally Sassy mixes together ballet training with strength and cardio. Saskia’s program is packed with workouts to give anyone the supple and strong body of a ballerina. Ballet Blast uses your body as resistance, creating long and sculpted muscles while burning fat. And there’s no dancing experience required.

The $12.99 monthly price tag doesn’t just buy you access to her channel. Naturally Sassy also comes with an app, new workouts every month, diet guidelines, and a workout program. Sassy is on a mission to “inspire women to love the skin they’re in through great-tasting food and butt-lifting movement”.


Online fitness programs are rising in popularity as they can reach hundreds of thousands of clients. Online programs are a great entry product for diet plans, personal training, and fitness products. Callan Pinckney, the founder of Callanetics, takes a unique approach to online fitness. After 11 years of backpacking, Callan developed a congenital back defect and focuses on posture alignment.

For $9.99 a month, Callanetics promises a revolutionary non-impact exercise program. For some, this can be extremely valuable, reducing stress on the joints while helping you get into and stay in shape.

Your Book of Memories

If sports aren’t your thing, there are many examples of small niche categories that became successful with OTT marketing. The love of crafting inspired Your Book of Memories. Frances Long, the founder, has produced over 90 tutorials detailing the creation of portfolios and photo albums. This is suitable for photography or even just a personal keepsake.

This OTT platform helps users create their special gift or product to share photos, memories, and moods. At only 26, Frances has reached over one million people worldwide through her tutorials.

OTT marketing and advertising aren’t just limited to big industries like fitness. Strategies to boost advertising revenue on OTT platforms can bring in significant revenue even in small niches.

Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy dates back to the 1700s and is a popular alternative to prescription medication. Mark Bowden, a qualified hypnotherapist created a course for self-hypnosis. The course is designed to help people become happier and more fulfilled. Mark has reached more than 100,000 people around the world with his programs.
For $14.99 per month, Mark shares therapy sessions to increase positive thinking, energy, and happiness. But hypnotherapy doesn’t stop there. Mark also addresses mastering self-confidence, productivity, posture, memory, concentration, procrastination and more.


For EDM or electronic dance music artists, Faderpro is the source for courses and tutorials that detail the music production process. Steven Lee and Vincent di Pasquale at Fader offer a collection of valuable resources to aspiring music producers. EDM production is especially tied to new technology and techniques, and Fader helps producers take advantage of progress.

Faderpro partners with big names like Armada records. Customers describe Faderpro as an inspiring course for anyone looking to develop their synth skills. Customers appreciate the experience and success of Faderpro’s teachers, as well as the level of detail in the courses.

Kweli TV

In celebration of diversity, Kweli TV was founded by Deshun Elisa Spencer in 2012 and celebrates the stories and culture of black people around the world through the expression of film, documentaries, and tv shows. In an industry notoriously plagued by a lack of diversity, OTT platforms can bring forward a more balanced expression of media.

Kweli TV is on-demand and live-streamed. Kweli is packed with high-quality content, including docuseries, educational content, independent films, and movies shown in international film festivals around the world. Kweli isn’t just black culture in the U.S.; they also offer media from Germany, France, Israel, Brazil, and more for less than $6 a month as well as their 24hr free live stream.

Wanderlust TV

In 2009, Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant crested the Wanderlust festival. Wanderlust aimed to help attendees find meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. Adapted for OTT platforms, Wanderlust TV contains a vast library of yoga-inspired content for every difficulty level at $9.99 per year.

Wanderlust is another example of the growing market for yoga, fitness, and the popularity of their essential yoga survival guide is a testament to its impact on customers’ quality of life. Self-care is important, and OTT platforms provide a profitable marketplace for new ventures, whether it be therapy or movement-based.

Wanderlust is an example that an OTT platform can be a fantastic extension to your business as a method of customer acquisition and retention. It allows customers to try your product and fall in love with it before they attend live events, curating a select group of committed attendees.

Why OTT Streaming Works

These examples of OTT streaming prove that it not only a deep market with big players, but also a vast market gap for smaller businesses. With options for live streaming content, subscriptions, and individual purchases, OTT platforms allow smaller businesses to capture a larger chunk of revenue. Advertising can grow your business significantly, and OTT advertising is a crucial piece of the pie.

In the same way that a writer might direct readerships towards their own personal newsletter subscription – producers of video content can take control too. If you’re inspired, or still curious, and want to find out more about how OTT advertising can help your business, contact us here.

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