Getting Started with CTV

Connected TV

Connected TV or better known as CTV is the newest trend in digital advertising. The old method of spraying and praying with video commercials is over. CTV allows you to leverage real behavioral data and audience insight to place the best targeted commercial to your specific audience. 

CTV is the automation of video ad buying and placement through machine learning. It's a faster and more accurate way to get better video opportunity. 

Over 200 million people already have connected devices or plan to be connected by 2020. This means that your brand needs to plan on going connected as well. With more people disconnecting from traditional pay-to-view subscription cable it's important not to get left behind. 

Did you know the average US household consumers around 80+ hours of OTT content a month? That means your audience is watching content through connected devices and you could be missing out on it! 

CTV can be the steroid to your digital marketing plan. One of the biggest benefits to CTV is the targeting options. Here are a few targeting parameters for connected TV:

- Location targeting

- Device type and model

- Weather

- 1st and 3rd party data

- Visiting specific sites online

- Shopping your competitors online

Those are just a few types of ways you can target with CTV. The ability to target people who are shopping your competitors and then show them your video ads could revolutionize your business. 

That's why going CTV for your video advertising is a must. Check out below the benefits of doing CTV advertising with Go Florida SEO. 


Benefits of CTV

Effective Targeting


CTV allows your video content to be targeted unlike ever before. It's finally possible to target around 3 party data. This can take your commercials effectiveness so much further.

Not Skippable


Since CTV ads are not skippable it allows for better absorption. Your videos get better play time and engagement due to this feature.

Better Audience Reach


People are using CTV daily and the trend has continued to grow. With more people quitting cable to stream, it's a no brainer that you can reach more people with CTV.

Highly Viewable

I in 3 mont

It's CTV ads take up the whole screen your videos have 100% view ability. 

OmniChannel Strategy


Since consumers use multiple devices to engage with digital content it's key that you do as well. Going CTV allows for your brand to remain consistent while your audience is on their digital journey.

Reporting and Tracking


CTV ads give marketers the insights on how their video content is being viewed and engaged with. The ability to understand your customer journey is available through CTV.

Want to know more about CTV?

Going CTV is extremely easy! We allow you to test out our CTV platform for free. Take your current budget and test our CTV potential at no cost to you for 3 months. It's truly just dollar for dollar ad spend. 

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