Best Free SEO Tools For 2022

It’s critical to have a search engine optimization strategy in place alongside your content strategy when creating online content. This will ensure that your posts are fully optimized. SEO tools can assist you in identifying ways to improve your website’s discoverability. Keep reading to learn more about the best free SEO tools for 2022.

Free SEO tools and On-page Optimization Tools:

The Rank Math Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize the content on your website. It allows you to easily add meta titles and descriptions, as well as organize your data. Rank Math assigns an SEO score to your content for each page. This plugin suggests ways to improve your ranking for the keyword you specify when you first install it.  You can also detect and fix broken links on your site, as well as redirect URLs to new pages.

Yoast SEO makes it simple to optimize your WordPress site and find content gaps. You can use the Yoast plugin to improve and modify your content in three ways: SEO, readability, and social media.  Yoast allows you to customize your website’s meta descriptions, titles, canonical URLs, label index and no-index pages, and other backend settings. This plugin will assign a readability score to each post based on the length of sentences and paragraphs, among other factors. Yoast also has excellent features to assist you in making your posts more shareable on social media.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to monitor the popularity of topics and trends in your industry over time.  Use this tool to spot current trends and turn that data into a timely and relevant content marketing strategy. It shows you how specific trends change over time, as well as how people’s search patterns change around them. This tool is most effective when used in conjunction with other keywords to display trend comparisons over time.

When searching for a keyword or phrase, Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator is a lite version of the full tool that will show you the top 100 related keyword ideas. You’ll see a list of the top 100 keywords related to your search, along with their search volume since the data was last updated, and keyword difficulty for the first 10 keywords on the list. This tool gives users a taste of what the full Ahrefs tool can do and is ideal for people who want to look into some industry keywords.

Free SEO Tools for Analytics

The Google Search Console (GSC), formerly Google Webmasters, is a tool that helps you understand how Google crawls and indexes your website. There are several advantages to using Google Search Console, one of which is that it can assist you in diagnosing technical issues with your website. It can also assist you in determining which keywords or content on your site are ranking.

To see if your SEO efforts are paying off, look at your site’s accessibility to see where your visitors are coming from. Google Analytics provides both detailed and real-time data about your website visitors. You can use Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting your site, where they’re coming from, how long they’re staying on the page, and much more.

Free Tools for Link Building

The free Ahrefs Backlink Checker tool displays the top 100 backlinks to any website you search. This free tool is useful for checking backlinks and analyzing competitors.  Even if you’re only allowed to view 100 links, it’s a great place to start. The total number of backlinks, links from referring domains, the domain rating, and the URL rating are all displayed.

SEM Rush, like the other tools mentioned above, offers a free version of its powerful software. SEM Rush can assist with keyword research, on-page SEO audits, content optimizations, rank tracking, and much more, in addition to link building. The Link Building Tool in the free version is limited to 100 domains, but you can track your referring domains and backlinks over time, including gains and losses, as well as your backlink authority score. The tool assists you in identifying areas where you can improve your link-building efforts or gain more online visibility.

Ready to get started and hire an expert?

When you combine SEO and social monitoring software, you’ll get the best results from your optimization. These free SEO tools will help you lay the groundwork for these strategies. You’ll be able to cast an even wider net in order to learn more about what your audience wants with the addition of social media keyword search tools.

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