Successful Strategies for Behavioral Targeting

The average costs of digital marketing range from $30,000 to $145,000. Want to lower the costs of advertising? Target your exact online audience with behavioral targeting from Go Florida SEO!

That cost can be too high for small and medium businesses. Luckily, entrepreneurs may use a few strategies to cut down that cost and market their business products to the relevant market only.

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One such strategy is behavioral targeting, whereby the business uses customers’ past behaviors to know what they want. Behavioral targeting is more convenient and economical than demographic or geographical targeting, but its results depend on your efforts.

If you would like to use online behavioral advertising, follow these tactics to boost your marketing efforts.

Understand the Best Behaviors to Track

The first important tip is to know the valuable behavior that you should target. Not all information is worth tracking, and you will only incur high costs in monitoring the irrelevant data.

Here is a list of the valuable behaviors that you should track. 

Past Purchases

Look at what your customers have been purchasing in the past. Do they show more interest in specific brands than others? Which products have stayed in your stores for an extended period? 

If a customer has been buying the same product for an extended period, then you can inbox them and remind them that the same product is waiting for them.


Which media do your clients use to get your services? You should find out the standard devices used and then provide personalized marketing via that medium. For instance, if they use eBooks, then you will know that you should make more eBooks. 

The same case applies to landing pages, blogs, and so on. Perfect the media used by your clients to reduce any inconveniences.


Various click trackers can help you know which pages your customers click most. You can then use the information to understand the areas which need more visibility on your website. 

You may also use that information to redesign your website and highlight the products/services that have the highest demand. 

Optimize Your Emails

More than 86% of customers say that they prefer emails to other communication methods. Furthermore, emails are used for many purposes, which means that most of your customers have one or more emails.

Proper leveraging of email marketing can help you deliver targeted emails, reach your target customers, and boost your revenue.

You only need to collect the emails of your customers or online users who visit your landing pages. After that, you can start sending personalized emails to them.

Here are great tips on how you can improve your emails for behavioral targeting:

Optimize Your Sender Address

Your sender address should include a recognizable sender name. If possible, you should use your business email instead of your personal email address. The official and recognizable sender address will help you win the trust of many readers.

Create a Compelling Subject Line

Many people judge the email according to its subject line. The best subject line should be informative and should highlight the entire information in the email. Otherwise, a boring subject line will increase your bounce rates.

Optimize for Mobile

Is the design of your content mobile friendly? If no, then you are losing it. Clients want responsive content which they can open with their smartphones, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

Include CTA

What do you want your clients to do after reading your content? Unless you include a CTA section, your readers may not respond to your email. The CTA could be your number, contact, or a link that directs them to your services.

You may also consider hiring an email manager to help you in sending and replying to the texts. You may use email automation too, but that may see you lose many people due to the no-reply option.

Invest in Video Marketing

You can use videos to boost your behavioral marketing. Many people use videos to learn more about the products in today’s digital marketing world before buying them. In fact, about 96% of customers confirm that they watch explainer videos to know more about a service or products.

With this in mind, you should create compelling videos to help your target customers get the solutions they want. The videos should be sharable, and they should contain the relevant information that your customers need.

Here are great ways on how you can leverage your videos:

Include a Hook

Don’t just start posting videos on your platforms. The videos should begin with a hook and a brief description of what they entail. A compelling hook will encourage more viewers.

Create Clear Videos

Blur images can be a turnoff. You should find the right video recording tools to makes your videos outstanding. The audios should be great as well.

Track Results

You will never know the effectiveness of your videos unless you track the results. You can monitor the progress by looking at the number of views, comments, shares, etc.

Share the Videos

Don’t publish the videos on your site and expect them to reach your target audience. Share them with your friends and your other platforms so that they can reach many people. 

Remember to use an excellent video platform. YouTube is currently the leading video platform, but you can consider the others, too, provided that make sense to your behavioral targeting tactic.

Improve Your Social Media Content

Social media can expose you to many customers and help you generate your leads well. However, social media algorithms are evolving rapidly, making it hard to gain organic traffic.

Many businesses have also realized the importance of social media, and businesses can only survive if they use the right tactics. Here are the main tricks which you should apply to attain your behavioral targeting goal through social media:

Use the Right Platforms

Which social platforms do your customers use? If they prefer Facebook to the others, then you should channel your marketing efforts to Facebook only. Unless you are looking for new clients, it will be costly to promote your goods on all social media platforms.

Use Live Videos

The increased use of live videos has made it easier for businesses to get in touch with their clients. In line with a recent study, 80% of customers prefer watching a live video than reading a blog. You can live stream your behind the scene videos, your products, interviews, etc.

Include Images

Your social media content can be boring without images, and that’s why you should add them. The images should be clear enough, and they should be relevant to your content too.

With more than 32% of businesses using Visual images in their marketing, clients have become pickier than ever; they only consider the best. So don’t download any picture that you come across online. Take your time to know what you want and then customize it to meet your customers’ demands.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags improve the visibility of a brand. But before you use them, you should do your research on the most appropriate hashtags you can use for your content. Select the hashtags which impress your target audience.

Apply the Right Timing

From your personal interaction with the clients, you probably know the right time when they use the internet. You may use that timing to make your important posts. The right timing will increase the visibility of your marketing content.

Automate Problem Solving

Did you know that poor user experience can drag back your marketing efforts? Every customer wishes to be appreciated at the business. Their opinions should be listened to, and the questions should be well answered.

Sadly, problem-solving is not always possible due to the busy schedule of many entrepreneurs. If this sounds like you, then you need a better solution.

Why not try the problem-solving software? If your customers like live chats, then a live chatbot would help you provide instant answers to the clients who call.

Equally, the chat software will help you know the typical questions that your loyal customers ask, and you will implement a better solution.

Use Remarketing and Targeting

You can use cookies to know the number of online users who visited your website, and they did not take any action. Maybe, they didn’t like your products’ quality, or perhaps, the prices were too high.

And since their browsing information is still available in the cookies, you may follow them and remarket. You can do this by using Google ads and other tactics.

If possible, create a long list of these people and later send them personalized emails. Proper remarketing and retargeting can help you get more customers on board and increase your customer base.

Experiment With Personalized and Discounts, Offers, and Coupons

The last important tip is to offer discounts and other coupons on your target audience’s products/services. 

The coupon will motivate them to buy more, and you will increase your profitability. Just make sure that you get the right offers that impress them.

Choose the Right Behavioral Targeting Strategies

Choose the most appropriate behavioral targeting strategies for your niche. Remember that what works for another business may not work for you. The best tactic will satisfy your clients, and you will increase the profitability of your business.

Leverage the best digital marketing services to win more customers and increase the visibility of your business. Our Go Florida SEO team will provide you with a full-service digital marketing package to give you a competitive edge.

Our services include SEO, display ads, PPC, YouTube advertising, as so on. We will also redesign your website to make it more responsive. Visit our website to learn more about us, and how we can help you.

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