Behavioral Targeting 101: Fundamentals for Businesses

Behavioral targeting sends relevant messages to people based on their browsing history. 

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It’s a great way to reach your target market and get the results you want. With behavioral targeting, you are targeting people who you know are looking for your product. 

You are creating ads that appeal to their needs. The body copy is written based on their behavior, their interests, and what their problems are. If you want to achieve better results for your business, you need to look into behavioral targeting in all kinds of advertising mediums. 

What it comes down to is that behavioral targeting helps your business and the user. 

If you want to learn better marketing strategies, you need to consider the benefits of behavioral targeting with online advertising. It can help you better connect with your audience and give you the results you want. 

Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about behavioral targeting and how it benefits your business and your users. 

What Is Behavioral Targeting? 

Behavioral targeting looks at what the user is doing online that helps you form your business strategy. 

For example, you might want to see where people are clicking on your website, what page they visit the most, and what blog article they read the most. Understanding what the user is doing online is behavioral targeting. 

You are understanding more about your target market beyond their age and where they live. You are taking a deeper look into why they make the decisions they make. 

Based on the data and what you see from users, you can change up your website or create a unique marketing plan based on what users are doing. In essence, you are catering to their needs because of what they are doing. 

This precise kind of behavioral targeting allows you to create a website or a marketing strategy based on the user’s needs. You are seeing what they are most interested in. It can also provide insight into what their problems are. 

If you had a dentist’s office and the most read article on your website was about what to do with a cavity, you would assume that most of your target market have toothaches or cavities. 

Knowing this information can help you create a more effective and concise marketing plan. 

Why Is the Value of Behavioral Targeting? 

The value of behavioral targeting is understanding your target market better. It’s a closer look at the target market that looks to understand why they make purchases. 

You aren’t just looking at the external factors of age, gender, demographics, location, etc. You are taking a look at the psychology of why someone makes a purchase. 

But what is the value of behavioral targeting in general, for businesses? 

Here’s a detailed look at how behavioral targeting can benefit your business. 

Benefits of Behavioral Targeting for Businesses

One of the benefits of behavioral targeting for businesses is that they understand why consumers are making purchases or why they aren’t making purchases for your business. 

In a more specific sense, you can understand how these benefits lead to more conversions, a better product, and a better marketing strategy. 

Better Conversions

When you do understand what attracts consumers to your business based on their behavior, it can lead to a higher conversion rate. For example, if you create Facebook ads and create an audience because you understand their behavior, it can result in more leads and more conversions. 

The more targeted your audience is on any advertising platform, the better the results will be. 

Create a Better Product

Another benefit of behavioral targeting for businesses is that it helps you create a better product and website. If you discover that users are leaving your website and leaving items in the online shipping cart, it might be a sign that you need to adjust your product. 

Understanding a consumer’s behavior can help you figure out how to make your product better, more attractive to the consumer. You can figure out why people aren’t buying your product or why they are leaving your website. 

You can look at the data and see where improvements can be made. If consumers are leaving on a certain page of your website, it could be an indication that the page isn’t appealing enough. 

Better Marketing Strategy

Businesses can also improve their marketing strategy when they understand behavioral targeting. 

They can create a more concise and effective marketing strategy that focuses on a specific audience. 

Another example is how Facebook ads allow you to create a custom audience based on their actions. You can create an audience of people who clicked on the ad or who watched a video from your business page. 

This kind of customer targeting allows you to target people who have expressed interest in your product. It’s a way of behavioral targeting instead of broadly targeting an audience. 

Why It Behavioral Targeting Matters for Your Users

While behavioral targeting matters for your business, it’s more important for your consumers. 

Imagine someone getting an email from your business that has no appeal to them because you didn’t segment your audience. People want emails and other kinds of advertising content to appeal to their needs. 

Here are some reasons behavioral targeting matters to your users. 


While you may have an audience, you need to break up that audience into segments, thus segmentation. This is when you categorize your audience based on their decisions. 

For example, if you sent out an email with the option to purchase something from your business, and a number of users purchased the item. You don’t want to send that same email out to people who already purchased the product. 

You want to send out different kinds of emails to people who haven’t purchased from your business yet. You have to segment your target market based on the decisions they have already made. 

When you segment your audience, you provide more valuable content to your audience because they feel like the content is designed for them. They feel like they are grouped up with a bunch of other people and their voice isn’t’ heard. 

More Personalization

Another benefit for your users when you do behavioral targeting is that they get more personalized content. 

It also gives your business the opportunity to tell more unique stories. These stories can be more personalized and made specifically for different segments of your audience. 

How Do You Understand Behavioral Targeting? 

Now that you know the benefits of behavioral targeting, you need to now know how to collect data. You need to figure out what to look for in order to study someone’s behavior. 

One of the ways you can look at someone’s behavior is to look at their bias. For example, you can look at the confirmation bias that reconfirms someone’s purchase decision. 

Another example of behavioral targeting is with abanded cart emails are another example of targeting someone’s behavior. You are targeting their behavior because you know they are interested in your product. 

The goal is to get them to buy because they left it in your cart. You don’t know why they left the cart, but that’s why you retarget them. You retarget them with abanded cart email sequences or retarget them with Facebook ads. 

Another example is making sure you have some sort of analytics set up for your website. Having Google Analytics can help you understand who is visiting your website. You can see what page they are visiting and what they are purchasing. 

This gives you an idea of what ad copy is performing the best and is generating the most results for your business. You can also decide if you need to improve your ad copy based on who is staying on your page. 

Now You Can Create a More Effective Marketing Strategy

Now that you understand the benefit of behavioral targeting, it can help you understand your target market. You can update your business website so you can create content that is better catered to your market. 

However, it’s important to remember that behavioral targeting requires understanding the data behind someone’s decision. You want to see where your target market is clicking, where they visiting on your website, and why they are making purchases. 

Overall, the more you understand about your market, the more you can help them. The more it can help you create a more effective business. 

If you want help with behavioral targeting, you can contact us here.

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