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What is behavioral targeting?

Behavioral targeting is a technique used by Go Florida SEO to help hyper target an exact online audience for our clients. By using data points like (search terms, sites visited, time on site, ads interacted with, purchases etc.) Go Florida SEO can build out an advertising campaign that allows your ad to be seen by your exact online audience!

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Types of Behavioral Targeting We Use

Onsite Behavioral Targeting

  • Online purchases
  • Look-a-like audiences 
  • Getting specific emails
  • Pages Viewed
  • Ad Interactions
  • Time on Site
  • Last Site Visit

Network Level Behavioral Targeting

  • What consumers are searching for online
  • Demographic information 
  • Income level
  • Job titles 
  • Political affiliations
  • Shopping your competitors
  • IP and MAC addresses

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We don’t just use a few of these behavioral targeting techniques to target your online consumer, we use all of them!

Imagine if you can target your exact online audience and only pay if that shopper clicks on your ad!  

That’s what we do!

With the help of behavioral targeting… we not only place your ads in a hyper target environment but you’re only using your marketing budget if your online shopper clicks on your ad!

Want to learn more about behavioral targeting? Check out our blogs specifically written about behavioral targeting!

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Ad Types to Follow Your Audience Anywhere

Real Time Reporting

With our clean and easy to use “live” reporting you can view your ads performance and gain real and tangible insights on what is working and more importantly what isn’t. This allows us to continue to hone your ads for optimal performance and engagement.

SEO and social media

Simple Pricing

Go Florida SEO offers flexible pricing to work with almost any budget. Your options are almost limitless from; only paying when someone watches at least 30 seconds, views the entire ad, or engages with your ad, by clicking on a call-to-action overlay, a card, or a companion banner.

Consult with an Expert

Our SEO and Paid Traffic Experts are ready to advise you on proven strategies to increase your website traffic and revenue.

We'll Cover Your 1st Month Of Strategy or SEO Consulting

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More than 90% of businesses that rely on an advanced personalization strategy grow their revenue. Behavioral targeting may be the bump that your digital marketing strategy needs to rule 2020!

Go Florida SEO
Go Florida SEO

The modern market has become extremely competitive, and cookie-cutter marketing strategies don’t cut it anymore. You only have two options – stand out from the pack or drown in the noise and lose your customers.

To beat competitors, businesses personalize their marketing using behavioral targeting. However, if you deploy it the wrong way, behavioral marketing can be the death of you. So how do you do it?

Here are some valuable tips on how to leverage behavioral marketing and turn on your revenue spigot.

What’s Behavioral Targeting?

Instead of taking a smorgasbord of online advertisements, throwing them to consumers, and hoping something sticks, behavioral marketing takes a different angle.

Behavioral marketing is the practice whereby you leverage web user data to bolster your digital media marketing campaigns. That includes information from cookies, browsers, and search history, among others.

The aim of collecting all this data is to tailor-make your marketing towards each audience’s needs, wants, and desires. Using the information you glean, you can build a more granular customer profile that informs your marketing strategy and messaging.

For example, say your local search engine optimization (SEO) draws in a visitor who browses your site but does not finalize a purchase. The anonymized data you generate from site cookies can help you send display ads to retarget them.

Even when they are on other sites, you can nudge them to return and complete the purchase.

Why Do Businesses Find Behavioral Marketing Valuable in Digital Marketing?

On the surface of it, taking note of customer behavior to tweak your marketing sounds useful. But what tangible benefits can you tap into when you make this personalization part of your digital marketing?

More Precise Campaign Targeting

Giving brands and businesses the ability to target their marketing campaigns is likely the biggest win for behavioral marketing.

When you can tie relevant and meaningful insights to an offer and/or information you present to a prospect, you raise your odds of success. As long as your targeting straddles the divide between privacy and convenience.

For example, running a targeted campaign titled, ‘Looking for a wedding dress for your wedding next summer,’ will hurt your sales. Why? A customer will feel you know too much about them.

However, if you make the campaign less personalized, it makes a customer feel your brand cares about their needs.

For businesses that serve several target segments, behavioral marketing is critical in delivering the right message to each group. To do this, though, you’ll need an interplay of first and third-party data.

For example, first-party information such as customer surveys can help you gain insight into customer purchase habits. From there, third-party data like website cookies can help sharpen your personalization for better results.


So you’ve made an adequate investment in relevant advertising services to boost your sales, yet you experience dismal impact. Do you give up? You could, but is that the most effective approach?

Retargeting is where you reach out and market to those customers who engaged with your products but didn’t turn into paying customers. That’s critical because not all consumers buy on the first exposure to your brand.

According to the Rule of Seven, it takes a customer seeing your ad between six to eight times before they can consider buying your product.

The more a customer sees your ad, the more familiar they become with your product. That familiarity then feeds into trust, which in turn drives the customer to try your products.

Behavioral marketing helps you serve personalized ads to customers who check you out but don’t buy from you in the end. Through that journey of building more trust, you can draw them back and earn revenue instead of completely abandoning them.

For example, a shoe retailer can attract a customer who browses for shoes they like online. The customer may even make it to the checkout page only to abandon the cart.

Instead of writing such a customer off, you can reach out to them again using personalized ads. The fact that they had enough resolve to make it to the checkout means they have a higher degree of interest in your product.

If you retarget such a customer with relevant ads on the shoes they nearly bought, you nudge them to reconsider completing the purchase. Your odds of getting to come back and spend on your product are higher than if you abandon them.

Valuable Tips to Enhance Your Behavioral Marketing Approach

With behavioral marketing, you’re dealing with data that helps you talk to customers better. However, how you apply behavioral marketing can hurt or give a big boost to your strategy.

Let’s look at some insights you can action to make behavioral marketing more effective.

Make Buyer Personas Are a Must

If you rely on customer behavior to serve more relevant ads to them, you must learn the said customer. Otherwise, you will be working off your presuppositions, and that only blunts your marketing blade.

A buyer persona is a detailed profile you build of your target customer using demographic and psychographic data. There are three main questions you want to answer via a detailed buyer persona, and they are:

The more detailed responses you have to these questions, the more accurately you can identify customer pain points and needs. Having that knowledge then helps you serve marketing data that best speaks to their needs.

To collect valuable data that feed into your buyer persona, you can use online surveys your ideal client can fill. Customer interviews are another useful tool to generate information that gets you into your ideal customer’s heart and mind.

When you’re developing a buyer persona, you need to remember the Pareto principle. Essentially, this principle states that 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your clients.

If you can focus your behavioral marketing efforts on that 20%, you’ll be better placed to win them over.

Segment Your Customers

Having an overall understanding of your customer base is vital, but it’s not the end game. Once you understand the crowd, you need to split the crowd into groups that share commonalities, known as segmentation.

When you segment your customer base, you engage more with your audience. You serve messaging that matters to them, which gets them to interact with your marketing more.

Segmentation can lead to a 49% higher click rate and 23% higher open rates for your targeted email marketing

For example, a tours and travel company can split its target audience into those who like the idea of recreational travel and those who travel a lot for work. The travel firm can then deliver more relevant offers to each group.

If the same tours and travel company were to send out blanket offers, it would inevitably alienate part of its prospects, leading to attrition.

More Authentic Marketing

The modern customer is savvier, which means they discern the type of marketing messages that come their way. If they perceive your marketing to be inauthentic or even heavy-handed, they will drop you like a hot stone.

The difficult part about this is that once you lose their trust, it’s nearly impossible to regain it. Thus, remaining authentic in their eyes is non-negotiable.

Here’s the fact of the matter – your customers long to feel your business care about them. You can evidence this in their expectation for genuine customer care, exceptional product value, and competent staff.

When you rely on accurate insights derived from your customers’ behavior, you speak to their salient needs. At that point, your marketing moves from being white noise to a relevant solution to their problem.

Behavioral marketing can help you serve the relevant offers and recommendations that make customers see you as a problem solver. Not only will you gain brand equity with them, but they will keep coming back.

Better Decision Making

One way to make decisions can be to run tests across your channels and analyze the feedback. Other businesses go as far as developing a hypothesis based on anecdotal data, and they let that influence their decisions.

You will soon realize one of two things – you are investing a lot to make a decision or flying blind. Behavioral targeting & marketing empowers you with specific customer-oriented data to make better decisions.

You can more accurately determine what your customers are doing, better predict their next move, and how to reach them best. In time, the savings you make in less testing to make a decision adds up significantly, and you can put it to better use. Behavioral targeting really does open the door to better & smarter marketing!

Only Businesses That Know Their Customers Will Win

All your competitors are beating their marketing drums, and unless you sound a different tune, you’ll not stand out. Invest significantly in behavioral targeting to gain in-depth insights into your customers’ behavior and effectively market to them.

Go Florida SEO believes in data-driven marketing that fuels growth. Talk to us today for full-service SEO and digital marketing services that increase your sales without wasting your ad dollars. Go ahead, your first month is on us. 

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