The Different Types of Advertising Services and Methods

You’ve created a business, developed a brand, and are ready to market your products or services. Now what? Where do you begin? You’ll want to know how Go Florida SEO can help with your advertising services!

A few decades ago, advertising your business was all about TV and radio ads, distributing fliers, and printing ads in the newspaper. However, this is no longer the way business is done. Sure, these advertising services still exist, but they hardly align with consumer habits.

To keep up with the modern business world, you must invest in online or digital advertising. We can help you understand more about what that means. Keep reading for the most effective advertising methods for the modern business age.

Website Design and Development

To establish your online presence, you need to start with a website. Your website will serve as your digital storefront and, essentially, the face of your company for online users. The impression visitors get from your website will dictate how they feel about your company. 

Therefore, your website must be user-friendly. It needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate. However, it must also be visually appealing while maintaining a balance of simplicity. 

Your website should use multiple forms of media (images, graphs, videos, infographics, text, etc.). Be careful not to overload individual pages, however, as it will slow down your website speed. A slow website can negatively affect your bottom line.

Finally, your website must be optimized for mobile devices. Most people logging onto the internet to search for products, services, or information do it from their smartphones. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, their experience will consist of text that’s too small, images that are too big, and pages that load too slowly.

Search Engine Optimization 

Once you establish your website, you need to work on perfecting your search engine optimization. SEO refers to your visibility on search engine sites when users type in specific keywords or keyword phrases. Search engines rely on SEO coding or algorithms to determine how relevant and credible your site is to the user.

For example, if you have a local contracting business, the SEO on your website will dictate how easy it is for consumers in your area to find you when searching for products, services, and information pertaining to your industry. A high SEO ranking will land you at the top of search engine results pages. You don’t want to be anywhere except the first page.

You can boost your website SEO by:

  • Creating a blog full of relevant articles
  • Using effective keywords for on-page SEO
  • Incorporating internal and external links
  • Getting backlinks from credible websites
  • Embedding multiple forms of media (videos, images, infographics, etc.) with metadata
  • Ensuring fast loading times
  • Optimizing for mobile devices

If you’re new to SEO, we suggest hiring advertising services to help you increase organic website traffic

Content Marketing

When you watch TV, scroll through Facebook, or surf the web, do you pay attention to ads? Like most Americans, the answer is no. We block them out because we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, about 5,000 per day, in fact.

The question is, how can you, a business who needs to make an impact, get your message across? The answer lies in content marketing.

Content marketing is a subtle approach to advertising that aims to connect with the consumer. Get to know your target audience:

  • What are they passionate about?
  • What are their problems?
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • What valuable information do they desire?

When you find the answers to the above questions, you’ll know exactly how to create content (blog articles, social media posts, emails, etc.) that speaks to your customers. Moreover, publishing content valuable to your readers builds trust and credibility in your brand.

Email Marketing

One of the best advertising methods revolves around email marketing. Email marketing is incredibly effective because it targets an audience (your email subscribers) who have already expressed interest in your brand. Whether they’re current, past, or prospective customers, they want what you’re selling.

You can amass an email list by tempting consumers with generous discounts, exclusive offers, free content, etc. You can promote your email campaign using your website, ads, social media posts, and by encouraging customers to join at the point of sale.

Once someone has subscribed, they should be met with an automated set of emails. The first email should deliver the promised incentive and thank the user for subscribing. Then, they should receive an email a few times a month to remind them of your company.

However, your emails must offer value. They should contain more discounts and offer relevant, helpful advice or engaging content. You must continue to give the subscriber a reason to open your emails.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Social media is not a fad. It isn’t going away anytime soon. Right now, over 72% of Americans have a social media account and most of us log on daily to check on friends, stories, news, and more.

However, social media is also a fantastic platform to grow your business and gain brand awareness. You’ll start out small but can increase your following by posting engaging content, such as videos, articles from your blog, and other relevant information your target audience cares about.

Encourage them to share, comment, and like your posts. This will expose their friends and followers to your content, ultimately adding to your followers.

Paid Social Media Marketing

One of the best advertising services is paid social media marketing. While organic social media marketing has a lot of potential, paid social media marketing delivers results immediately. 

You can pay however much you want per day to extend the reach of your ads to specific demographics of people. You can choose who sees your ads based on location, age, gender, hobbies, interests, and more.

Just as importantly, paid social media advertising tracks your ad performance. You can see how many people engage with your ad (link clicks, shares, comments, likes, profile follows, etc.) This information can be crucial for fine-tuning your approach.

If you’re not sure how to create effective ad campaigns, you should look into social media advertising services to help you get started.

Influencer Marketing

Growing a large social media following can be tough. It takes time, consistency, and a lot of concentrated effort. It’s important to realize that not all industries lend themselves to large social media followings.

Whether you haven’t had the time or just can’t seem to gain followers, you can always lean on influencer marketing. Social media influencers are those who have built credibility amongst a large group of followers. 

You can pay influencers to promote your brand to their audiences.  You can pay them monthly for ‘x’ amount of posts or trade products for exposure to their audiences. Each influencer has a different way of affiliating with other businesses.

Landing Page Ads

As a business owner, you probably hear of common advertising services like landing page ad developers. But what are they?

A landing page is can be a pop-up window that opens up for anyone visiting your site. It can also be webpages people arrive at by clicking on specific links. Users can be directed to landing pages via your site, social media, emails, and off-site ads. 

A landing page has a clear and powerful message with a strong call to action. The call to action is incentivized with perk or reward. For example, a landing page ad may encourage a user to subscribe to an email to receive a 25% discount off their next purchase.

These can also serve as a type of sales funnel to lead users down a specific customer journey based on the product or service. 

Pay Per Click Marketing 

As far as paid advertising methods go, pay per click marketing is both impactful and cost-effective. PPC marketing allows you to publish an ad on someone else’s website, granting you access to their audience. You only pay the host website for each click your ad gets.

This is one of the best ways to pay for a measurable impact on a target audience. 

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the best local advertising methods to grow your digital presence. Like PPC advertising, SEM allows you to pay per click or user engagement. However, this form of advertising is designated for search engine sites.

You pay the search engine a predetermined amount for each click your website gets. In return, your website link will come up at the top of the results pages when people use specific keywords or phrases.

You can refine your advertising methods by narrowing it down to specific geographic locations. That way, you’re not paying for someone across the country to see an ad for your local business.

Finally, SEM allows you to set a monthly budget. Once that budget is met based on the clicks your website receives, your ad is deactivated so you don’t end up paying more than you can afford.

Need to Hire Advertising Services?

We get it. All of this information and talk about different digital advertising services can be overwhelming. If you’re a new business owner are don’t have much experience with online marketing, you may feel like you’re in over your head.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our website is dedicated to helping business owners like you. Check out some of our other articles for more valuable information.

We are also a full-service advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing. Contact us today to get a free marketing strategy session.

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