Our Candidates for the Best Ad Exchange

Maximize Your Real-Time Bidding: Our Candidates for the Best Ad Exchange

So you’ve tried using SEO to grow your business, and you’ve seen some results. But you know that you could do a lot better by paying for ads. Did you know that Go Florida SEO could connect you to the best ad exchange for your marketing dollar?

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Florida SEO

Using an ad exchange can be a great option for getting your business out there. You can use real-time bidding to ensure your ads go on the right websites and in front of the right visitors.

Keep reading to learn about the best ad exchanges.

DoubleClick (Google Ad Exchange)

One of the best ad exchanges for real-time bidding is the Google Ad Exchange. It also has the name DoubleClick, and it’s the largest ad exchanges out there.

The platform uses a first-price auction to sell ad space to buyers. This service is the premium version of Google AdSense, but smaller publishers can access it through Google Network Partners.

DoubleClick lets publishers display different types of ads on their site. Companies looking to buy the ad space can put in their ad budget, and the auction will use that to determine which ad to show to a visitor.

Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is a global ad exchange, and it manages about a billion transactions per month. It connects to the Exchange Application Programming Interchange (xAPI) to help optimize revenue for publishers.

Premium advertisers can use Rubicon to advertise on various websites. The platform started on the seller side, but it has since moved to serve both publishers and advertisers.

It’s a great option for people without much technical knowledge. The company offers help if you do need it, and you can do everything you need to from one place.


Another large ad exchange to consider is AppNexus. Not only does it offer real-time bidding, but it lets publishers increase their earnings in real-time. It uses a cloud program that connects with third-party software to help increase revenue.

The exchange also has an algorithm to evenly distribute ads throughout the day. That can help ad buyers save their budgets for peak times. AppNexus is great for both selling and buying ad space.

If you want to make sure more people see and click on your ads, that feature is useful. You don’t have to worry about exhausting your small budget before lunch.


If you want more control over your ad space, consider using OpenX. It’s one of the best ad exchanges for publishers due to its technology. The platform combines real-time bidding with a seller side platform (SSP) and an ad network.

OpenX lets buyers and sellers exchange mobile ad space, which can be useful for differentiating between mobile and desktop views. Publishers can sell their mobile inventory separately from other parts of their site.

The platform is also very secure and is against piracy. Whether you want to use video or other ad types, you can make that happen with OpenX.


Advertisers and publishers can also use SmartyAds for RTB advertising. It’s a white label ad exchange that offers access to ads and ad space from all over the world. You can use it with as many different advertisers as you want.

The platform also uses AI to help choose the right ads for visitors, thus increasing conversions for advertisers. It features an auto-API that helps protect against bots and other fraud.

Publishers can use their real-time analytics to view ad performance and see how different ad layouts are doing. Then, they can adjust their ad inventory to increase ad conversions, which can also help you as an advertiser.

Index Exchange

Index Exchange is another premium ad exchange that you can use to buy and sell ad space. They work with people and companies all over the world, and they focus on providing authentic advertising space.

That way, you can make sure your ads are relevant to the site and its visitors. Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, you can take full advantage of that ad space. Publishers also maintain full control over their ad inventory on their sites.

Index Exchange offers transparency when it comes to earnings and other auction data. If you want to make sure you know the full story of the ad exchange, you can’t go wrong with this one.


PubMatic is one of the best ad exchanges for publishers because of its publisher-focused approach. It has a data-driven, full-stack monetization platform, and you can use a single dashboard to view many things.

As a publisher, you can increase efficiency and edit your ad inventory. When your site grows, you can work with premium advertisers to earn even more money from display ads. The high amount of bidders can also help you increase your earnings.

While PubMatic focuses on publishers, it can be a good tool for advertisers. If you have a bigger budget, you can use it to work with websites that get a lot of views. Then, you may see excellent results from your ads.


If you’re looking for an ad exchange that works with apps, look no further than Smaato. It helps app publishers and developers by using dynamic demand and providing access to hundreds of advertisers.

Publishers also get to control everything when it comes to their earnings. Smaato claims to have over 500 billion ad requests per month, so there are plenty of chances to advertise with real-time bidding on this ad exchange.

In addition to RTB, you can use the private marketplace, third-party mediation, and direct deals. While RTB is a great way to display, you can diversify to work with even more publishers to expand your reach.

Verizon Media

The same company that offers phone service also runs an ad exchange. Verizon Media works with publishers, users, and advertisers to connect ads with visitors. You can work with their large network of advertisers to diversify the ads on your site.

Verizon offers simple ads and monetization options for various ad types and layouts. That means you can maintain more control over your chosen ad campaigns. So if you can’t afford to create different layouts, you can still run ads.

The ads are high-quality and comply with GDPR rules, so it’s great if you have customers who travel to Europe. You don’t have to worry about them not being able to see ads or get to your website.


MoPub is yet another fantastic ad exchange to consider. It’s a great option for app developers and creators who want to make money with their app. The platform features a unified auction allowing for more ways to sell ad space.

Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t use RTB advertising. But it’s still a good option to consider.

You can combine it with any of the other mobile RTB exchanges so that you can maximize your reach. When you use MoPub, you can see changes in real-time, so you can change your strategy if something isn’t working as well as you want.

Benefits of an Ad Exchange

An ad exchange offers tons of benefits to publishers and advertisers. Either way, you can use the tool to help grow your business online.

As a publisher, you can view your earnings each day for regular updates on your revenue. And as an advertiser, you can make sure you don’t exceed your ad budget with real-time bidding.

Here are a few more benefits of using programmatic advertising and an ad exchange.

Buy and Sell Ad Space

RTB is one of the best ways to buy and sell ad space, and exchanges make that super easy. Bidding in real-time forces the transaction to happen quickly.

As an advertiser, that helps you get your ads on the right pages. And if you’re a publisher, you can get the highest payout from those ads.

You don’t have to worry about negotiating ad prices or signing contracts. The ads can vary from day to day, and publishers can use different layouts. Advertisers can put their content on sites of all kinds.

Features Real-Time Bidding

Real-time bidding forces auctions to happen in less than a second. That way, the ad can show up on a publisher’s site for the visitor.

If you’re a publisher, you can make sure the ads you display are worth it because you can make more money. And if you’re an advertiser, you can display your ads all over the internet.

Many of the best ad exchanges for RTB have tons of publishers and advertisers. That way, you can attract your target customer and not annoy readers with the same ads on the same website.

No Need for Ad Networks

Ad networks can be a great option for some ads. However, the network acts as a middleman between the publisher and advertiser. The publisher has to set a price on their ad space, and the network will mark it up.

That can make advertising through a network more expensive. While ad exchanges can take fees from publishers, advertisers still bid in real-time. If you want to save money on your advertising, an ad exchange is probably the better option.

Ad exchanges can also help publishers get more money since rates can change. Either way, you can increase your revenue and make the most of ads.

How to Choose an Ad Exchange

Choosing an ad exchange involves a lot of decisions. After all, you have many excellent options to consider. You have to think about the ads to display, your budget or revenue goals, and your industry.

Consider these and the following things in more detail.

Website Size

As an advertiser, you don’t have to worry too much about how much traffic a publisher gets, but you may want to consider how many other ads will appear on the same page.

If your ad has to compete for attention, it may not be worth paying for. Ask a few exchanges how many ads their publishers usually use and choose the exchange where the average is lower so that your ad can stand out.


If you’re advertising a local business, like a restaurant, you’ll need to make sure you can target local customers. But if you have a boutique for women, you should consider how many publisher sites target women.

You can choose an ad exchange with publishers that have the same target audience. Then, your ad budget can go toward getting ads in front of potential customers.

The more niche your business, the harder this can be. So consider your advertising budget before you choose an ad exchange.

Ad Layouts

Some ad exchanges offer more ad layouts than others. If you want to focus on header ads, you’ll need an exchange with plenty of publishers offering that choice.

The more layouts you use, the more ads you may need to create and adapt. Using more layouts can help you get more clicks, but it can cost you more to develop upfront.

Budget Tracking

You should also figure out how the ad exchange manages and tracks your budget. Ask if they distribute funds equally throughout the day or if they use up your budget earlier on.

Distributing funds more equally can help you get more clicks in the evening. After people get off work, they may be more likely to scroll and pay attention to your ads.

But if you have a breakfast restaurant, you may want to use your daily budget in the morning. That way, you can get customers to visit that day.

Available Support

The last thing to consider is what type of support the ad exchange can offer you. Research their customer service options and how you can contact them with questions.

If you don’t want to use the phone, look for chat and email options. Even if you don’t think you’ll need much help, you never know when you will want the assistance.

The Best Ad Exchange for Your Business

Choosing an ad exchange may sound simple, but a lot goes into it. If you want to use ads to grow your business online, you need to consider the best types of ads to use and if an ad exchange allows for them.

That way, you can use real-time bidding to maximize your exposure and take advantage of every dollar you spend on advertising.

Do you need help with your online ads? Learn more about our programmatic advertising services.

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