9 Tips on Combining SEO and Social Media for Fort Lauderdale Startups

Did you know that 87% of shoppers start their search for products online? If you have been wondering how to increase traffic to your website, combining SEO and social media is one of the best strategies to consider for your Fort Lauderdale startup. 

The benefits of a social media strategy and SEO go beyond brand awareness. Your startup will get significant leads, which will translate to more clients. 

If you’re new to SEO and social media marketing, you’re in luck. Here are top tips on combining SEO and social media for your Fort Lauderdale startup. 

1. Social Media Optimization 

Optimizing your social media profiles is one of the best ways to increase your online visibility. It would help to have consistent images across your different social media sites. The consistency will help with brand recognition. 

While at it, ensure that your bio in your social media account is relevant to your business. Your profile should be attracting enough attention without being overly distracting. You can also have an appropriate link on your bio, which will be redirecting followers to your website, marketing campaign, or newsletter signup page.

It would help to link your website to each of your social media profiles. You’ll not only enhance your branding but also distinguish your profile page from other accounts. Ensure that your page is verified to bring an aspect of authenticity. 

2. Use Similar Keywords 

When combining SEO and social media in your Fort Lauderdale startup, you’ll need to be keen on your keyword use. Keyword research is one of the SEO strategies that you need in your digital marketing. The keyword you use for your site can be more productive when you have it on your social media pages.

Chances are that potential customers searching on Google might also decide to check social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram for products. If you have ranked on Google, your site or post will most likely pop up among the top results. Your consistency in different platforms will enhance the perception people will have of your brand.

You might need to work with your SEO teams to ensure that your social media strategy benefits from the approach. Consistency in your strategy will get you outstanding and sustainable results.

3. Align Your SEO and Social Media Goals 

The primary aim of SEO and social media is to increase your startup’s online presence. It is crucial to have aligned goals for both strategies. You’ll save yourself from the frustrations of juggling between varying goals. 

If you intend to increase traffic through images, your site’s approach ought to align with your social media pages. You can also decide to focus on content optimization, which should be notable in all your social media platforms. The more emphasis you put on your goals, the more likely it will be to generate buzz that will increase your online reputation.

Anyone seeing your social media profile should be able to relate it to your website. With conflicting goals, you might end up losing potential clients who have been visiting your posts.

4. Social Media Sharing for More Backlinks  

Backlinks are indispensable if you want to rank in search engines. If you’re getting backlinks from high-authority websites, you have more chances of ranking.

With social media, redirecting links often have a ‘no-follow’ attribute to deter spamming. As such, your social media backlinks won’t affect your search engine optimization. Nonetheless, social media is a great place to get backlinks, and you shouldn’t rule it out regardless of these complexities.

Social media has more than 3.5 billion people, meaning that anything you share on your platform has the potential of reaching a wide range of users. It wouldn’t be surprising to get other content makers interested in putting a link to your content from their sites.

You might need to ensure that your posts or tweets reach the right audience to increase their chances of getting links. Reposting to niche communities or groups is also a great way to enhance your visibility for quality backlinks. Repost content, comment, like, and make connections.

5. Consider Influencer Marketing  

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to grow your off-page SEO. Working with influencers allows you an opportunity to present your brand to their massive followers. You’ll get several mentions, new links, more engagements, and increased number of followers, which will make your startup in Fort Lauderdale get more attention.

If it’s challenging to get major influencers for your brand, consider micro-influencers. These niche-based influencers might have higher rates of engagement than other major endorsers. Your content has to be relevant to the niches for the influencer to collaborate with you. 

You can search for micro-influencers on social media sites as some experts post articles or content from other professionals in the industry. Given that the situation will be a win-win, you’ll get more opportunities of having niche influencers than when looking for major influencers.

6. Work on Your Social Updates  

Using SEO and social media marketing strategies will necessitate you to be extra in your posts. You can’t afford to have boring updates. For people to be prompted to click your posts to read more, your headlines should be viral and your images eye-catching. 

You can request your followers to share your updates. You’ll be surprised at the response! It would help to research widely on what keywords or phrases have worked in the past to know how you’ll tweak your updates.

Working with an SEO consultant will allow you to utilize hashtags, which are also crucial in SEO. Hashtags are ideal in categorizing content, which makes it easier to be found. With hashtags, it would be best to research their use widely as they vary across social media sites.  

7. Make Content Sharing Hassle-Free 

It is crucial to make your pages shareable. Users are likely to find your content worth sharing, but the process might be discouraging. You’ll need to check your pages from a user’s perspective to establish how easy or hard it is to share posts.

The social sharing buttons should be readily visible. You can have them in two positions to increase their visibility. Consider either part of the sidebar, at the top of your content, or even inside the content.

Having the share buttons in multiple positions increases the chances of reshares. However, ensure that the buttons aren’t distracting users. Place them strategically while confirming that the post looks appealing enough.

Tools such as Open Graph Protocol for Facebook and Twitter Cards for Twitter will allow your webpage to maintain its appeal when someone shares it on social media. You’ll be able to control its description, image, and title.

8. Optimize Your Website’s Content for Social Media Sharing  

If you know the benefits of SEO for your small business in Fort Lauderdale, then you should know why optimizing your site ought to be a priority. Optimization is one of the best ways to encourage anyone visiting your site to share your content. 

Start by creating high-quality and shareable content. Optimize your content by utilizing well-thought-out headlines, keywords, and call to action. With the right Fort Lauderdale SEO, your content will rank, and you’ll have higher chances of your content being shared on different social media platforms.

 You might also need to check out images, which play a critical role in boosting engagement. Using videos is another great way of optimizing your content. You can have videos for your promotional content, an approach that will help you rank on social media. 

9. Include Social Metrics for Your SEO Audit  

SEO audits include analysis of keywords, content, and backlinks. If you have combined SEO and social media strategies, work on ensuring that you have audited everything. 

It would also help to have an on-page audit to know how your SEO is performing. Check the internal links, meta tags, canonical tags, and redirects. With about 53% of mobile users abandoning a site that takes more than three seconds to load, ensure that you also audit site speed.

The SEO spider tool is one of the most popular ways of conducting on-page SEO. With scrapping, you might need to work with an expert as the work is somehow technical. However, the results are worth the effort.

Knowing the competitors’ posts that get the most shares will help you have a better content plan. Keep auditing your social media SEO to establish whether you’ll need to change your tactics.

Utilizing SEO and Social Media Can Transform Your Digital Marketing 

The benefits of SEO in today’s digital marketing are undeniable. You might want to consider combining SEO and social media strategies for maximum benefits. If you’re a startup in Fort Lauderdale, these two approaches will be a great way to get clientele from the area. 

Given the highly competitive nature of digital marketing and the everchanging SEO, it would be best to work with a professional SEO consultant. You’ll save yourself significant resources and time that you’d otherwise spend in trial and error.

Are you wondering how to increase traffic to your site and get more clients? Check out our site today to submit your details for SEO consulting. 

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