5 Massive Reasons You Need A YouTube Business Channel

5 Massive Reasons You Need A YouTube Business Channel

Everyone has heard of YouTube and truthfully if you haven’t heard of it then we highly doubt you’d be reading this anyway. YouTube has become one of the fastest growing search engines in the entire world. Your business needs to consider getting on YouTube right away and Go Florida SEO can help. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs to get going on YouTube. Number 5 is actually our favorite!

YouTube is a search engine

Yeap! It’s not just about cat videos anymore. People literally go to YouTube to find answers and research before they decide to do anything these days. Did you know that over 1.9 billion people use YouTube every month? People treat YouTube almost like they treat Google. Your customers are going to YouTube and typing in specific keywords that you need to be ranking for! You obviously want to show up when people search for your business on Google and the same can easily be said about YouTube. Check out our page on how to get going on YouTube with Go Florida SEO

Google owns YouTube and it matters

When people are doing research or discovering new options they typically go to Google for help. Actually about 92% of people actually use Google compared to other search engines. YouTube is owned by Google and Google actually gives most keyword searches some type of video option as well during that online users experience. Once again having a YouTube channel can actually help your customers find you via Google’s recommendations through video.

Young people love YouTube

If a younger demographic is your type of client or shopper then YouTube again is a no brainer for your business. Did you know that 96% of all YouTube watchers are between the ages of 18-24? Again this is just another amazing point on why you really need to get your channel ranking on YouTube. Even if your demographic isn’t exactly that age group we are sure that your type of consumer is still using YouTube.

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world

We actually thought this statistic was pretty crazy. This point alone is why you should have a business YouTube channel. Your business probably does search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, so it would make sense to have a business YouTube channel as well! According to Alexa people spend on average a little over 8 minutes a day on Youtube. Now the number one spot went to Facebook, but should we ask the question… Do you have a Facebook business page? If so, then why don’t you have a YouTube business channel? I think you get our point!


This point really needs no explaining. It costs absolutely nothing to create a YouTube channel and post videos. This is the exact reason why if you don’t already have a channel there’s nothing stopping you. Just creating a channel and starting to put videos about your business, staff, and product or service can really help your business grow! Reasons 1-4 are great points to get going on creating a YouTube business channel, but there is absolutely no reason not too when it’s free!

How To Get Started

We can actually help! If you need instructions then click here for the Google instructions. Once you’ve created a channel then you need to get your videos to rank. Building backlinks, doing video promotions, and social media shares will help with that! We also at Go Florida SEO can help your business YouTube page. We can help your videos get to the top of YouTube with our YouTube SEO package.

Our YouTube packages start between $500 and can range upwards $2000 a month depending on what your business needs. If you want to get your videos ranking then Go Florida SEO’s YouTube Marketing package can help!

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