15 Questions to Ask a top Miami SEO services agency

Most businesses understand that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search, and over 40% of revenue comes from organic traffic. The thing is, this is not what you see when you look at your website right now, is it? Traffic is only dribbling along, sales can’t be any lower, and every time you think about being on page seven of Google you want to cringe. This is the exact reason you need to know what to ask a top Miami SEO service agency like Go Florida SEO!

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You have every right to feel depressed because at least 75% of users don’t go past the first page of Google. It’s time to admit that you need help from professional Miami SEO services and go on a hunt for the best one. You need a professional SEO company that will get you on the top five search results of your keywords because this is where 67% of all clicks happen.

Hiring an SEO company can either be the answer to all your prayers or the push that throws you off the cliff. For this reason, we have gathered some of the most important questions you need to ask SEO companies, and the in-depth answers you should expect from them.

Different Types of SEO Help

You’ll come across three different Miami SEO services, which include SEO companies or agencies, individual SEO consultants, and you can hire in-house SEO experts. In this post, we’ll address questions that should be addressed to the first two. The first thing you need to understand is that you get what you pay for.

If you hire the cheapest Miami SEO services you find, chances are they will cut corners and deliver poor services that will only hurt your business. You may not know how to evaluate SEO strategies and tactics, which means they could get away with a lot. The most expensive services don’t guarantee quality either, so what we’re looking for here is value.

1. Do You Follow Google Algorithm Practices?

The last thing you want is an SEO company that will come in and violates Google’s algorithm practices because this could easily lead to a suspension of your website. It’s vital for them to follow search engine best practices for the long-term growth of your website traffic.

You see, every year, Google applies about 500 algorithms, which all serve to provide better search results. Every search engine, from Google to Bing and Yahoo, has its own guidelines that must be followed.

If these rules are violated, the search engines are not happy, and they penalize what they term as manipulative websites. For instance, an on-page violation is penalized by an algorithm, and an off-page violation may be penalized by an update.

If any of this happens to your website, your traffic will take a hit, and it will take a lot of time and effort to recover what you lose. The bigger problem is, you’ll have to search for a different Miami SEO company and pay a lot more to have the penalties corrected. During this whole time, you’ll be missing out on the revenue you could be making, and losing hundreds of potential customers.

2. Can You Share Some of Your Customer Referrals With Me?

Customer references and reviews are extremely important when choosing among many Miami SEO services. Searching for the right company is similar to searching for a lot of other things because it’s imperative to see reviews, testimonials, case studies, and past clients. A professional and reliable company that has experience in SEO will be more than glad to share this information with you.

They will not only show you examples of some of their best works but show you the results they achieved for those clients and how long it took them to do so. If the past clients they show you are not legitimate businesses, it’s a sign that you need to run. They may not have experience handling the kind of SEO you need, or they may not have delivered positive results.

The most important part if to get in touch with one or two of their longest active clients. You see, organic SEO is a long term investment, and shady SEO agents use short term tactics that rarely work.

If a company has been in business for several years and their longest client is less than a year old, it’s a red flag. A reputable SEO company can grow your business up to 15% per month, which means you’ll be sticking with them for a long time for consistent results.

3. How Will You Keep Me Informed?

One of the most vital parts of a working relationship between an SEO company and a business is communication. The Miami SEO service you hire should provide you with regular results, and you should both agree on the timeline, which could be weekly or monthly. The first thing the SEO company will need is access to your business website.

If you have an in-house developer that can make any necessary changes to your website, then you’ll be mitigating risks. The thing is, the SEO service will undoubtedly need to make changes to your website, and if they don’t, it’s another red flag. If you do have an in-house developer, it’s vital to establish what communication modes they will use with the SEO company so the plan can be seamless.

Besides that, you should know what changes have been made and how effective or ineffective they are and why. No professional SEO company will tell you they only make changes internally, and if they do, run. Get a company that’s open to sending you every detail about the changes they make.

4. What SEO Tools Do You Plan To Use?

This is quite tricky because there are many tools out there, most of which are used for blackhat SEO strategies, which you definitely don’t want. However, a tool is a broad term that can also refer to different applications used to deliver impeccable SEO services. Some of them include reporting tools for analytics, rankings, keywords, and various SEO metrics.

They can also use technical SEO tools, link building tools, and research tools. It’s essential for you to understand what tools they plan to use and how they will do it to gauge whether they comply with SEO and search engine guidelines.

5. What Guarantee Can You Give Me?

Can the Miami SEO services you hire guarantee to get your website to the number one search result of your major keywords? This is an incredibly easy way for you to weed out spammers. If a company can guarantee you the number one spot, or any specific result for that matter, don’t trust anything they say.

It’s impossible for anyone to guarantee such a result every time. To begin with, no one knows Google algorithms, and no one knows when they’ll change. Besides, other websites are fighting for that spot too, so you may or may not get it.

This means that while the Miami SEO services you hire should be abler to consistently increase your website traffic, they can’t guarantee a number one tracking for any of your search terms. The problem with offering a guarantee is that the company may be tempted to use risky SEO strategies to get it, which is potentially dangerous. 

6. What Are Your Fees and Payment Terms?

Different Miami SEO services will have different payment structures, but it’s crucial to understand how much and when you’ll pay up. Over 70% of SEO companies charge by the project, while the rest charge by the hour. Most of the time, you’ll find SEO companies charging by the project and freelance SEO consultant charging by the hour.

They may also have a retainer fee, so find out how much it is. Inquire when you should make the payment, and whether they have an interest rate or penalty for late payments. 

7. How Will You Contact Me?

How would you prefer the company to contact you whenever they need to consult you? Through email, phone calls, or video chats? How flexible does the company sound on this matter?

Find out their most active line of communication, and how you can get in touch with them in case of an emergency.

8. How Often Will You Report Your Results?

Apart from reposting any changes they make your website, a professional SEO company will report their SEO activities and results as well. They should be accommodating depending on what you prefer, though usually, a monthly report is sufficient.

The resorts should include various subjects, such as website traffic, search rankings, conversions, and summary of activities. Their answer may not necessarily tell you whether the company is trustworthy or not, but it will help you clear up any expectations you may have. This will minimize frustrations for both parties.

9. What Would Happen If I Was to Terminate the Contract?

It’s essential to what exactly you’re getting into. Most SEO companies will want to serve your company for a minimum period, which could be several months because it takes time to make changes and even more time for those changes to show any significant results. Still, in case of unforeseen circumstances and you’re unable to continue with their services, what would happen if you suddenly cancel the contract?

Beyond that, you should come to an understanding of what should happen if you’re disappointed with their services, or decide to hire an in-house SEO company. Regardless of the case, inquire what will happen and what fees or penalties you might have to pay for terminating your contract.

10. How Will Your SEO Tactics Tie With Other Marketing Efforts?

A lot of your business marketing strategies will go hand in hand for effective results, and you need to understand how SEO will tie in with the rest of your marketing efforts. You’ll find most SEO companies offering digital marketing services or inbound marketing services as well. Whether or not the company you hire does, inquire how their SEO will interact with other marketing strategies.

11. Is Your Company up to Date With the Latest Algorithms?

While Google may release up to nine algorithms per day, not all of them are significant. A lot of them have minor impacts on websites. However, there are a select few that will undoubtedly have a significant impact, and any competent SEO company will know and understand them. Ask your list of potential Miami SEO services to describe a few of them to you to gauge if they are familiar with them.

These are questions you need to ask during a face-to-face interview or at least a video call to ensure they are not just doing a quick Google search and telling you what you want to hear. If they can name the latest major algorithms, even better. It’s critical to find a company that’s always up to date with SEO news and is a part of SEO communities in Miami.

12. What Strategies Will You Use to Improve My Search Ranking?

To get significant SEO results, the company must use some serious SEO strategies. Any good SEO strategy needs work. If a company doesn’t discuss its strategies in detail freely, you need to be cautious. A professional Miami SEO company should be able to not only give you an in-depth detail of their working strategies but give you a realistic timeline of how long it could take.

13. How Do You Measure SEO Success?

The Miami SEO services you hire should be able to measure their success, and what you need to know is how they do it. You need to know how much traffic your website is experiencing, and where it’s coming from. The company should be experienced in using Google Analytics, which is hand down one of the most reliable tracking tools around.

The thing is, you need to know what to expect, to avoid disappointment and frustration. How much traffic do they plan to have achieved by what timeline? Are there specific metrics they are aiming to improve first?

Do they measure success by getting your keywords to rank on the first page of Google? Which metrics do you track? Answers to these questions will help you determine what success means to them and what will justify the services they promise you.

14. Will You Adapt Your SEO Strategies to My Industry?

A lot of small businesses out there are usually hesitant to invest in SEO because they’re unsure whether it’ll work for their specific industries. This is not baseless because a lot of SEO strategies and tactics available will not necessarily work for every industry. However, a professional Miami SEO service will know how to adapt their SEO strategies to work with different industries.

15. Why Should I Hire You Over Other Miami SEO Services?

This question may not have a right or wrong answer, but the response you get says a lot about the company. Is it because they are cheaper, they can get you faster results, can build you more backlinks or can build you quality backlinks?

Tread carefully, depending on the answer you get. They should point out their successful track record, happy customers, and brand reputation when answering this question.

Hiring the Best Miami SEO Services

These are some of the most important SEO questions you need to ask Miami SEO services before hiring them. Of course, you can ask as many questions as you have and get as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision. Remember that SEO is a long term investment, and it’ll take a while before you start seeing any results, or lack of.

This is one of the major reasons why you must be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable, trustworthy, and professional company right from the start. If you need more information to help you understand SEO even better, then please check out our blog section, where we have so much more to offer. You can also get in touch with us for professional SEO services.

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